November 29, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

Rose’s POV

“Don’t you think that is dangerous? she might actually put it on record and sue us claiming we are threatening her on what she knows nothing about.” I countered.

“Make use of a private number, if she sue you, you can easily deny since your number will not appear.”

“That’s really true.” I obliged to Sonia’s advise and phoned Mae Josephine with a private number.

“I’m at work please, can you call later?” She said into the phone.

I ignored her words and said; “Mae Josephine, stay away from my husband or you won’t like what will befall you.”

I hung up and gazed at Sonia, she was smiling but her face was not lightened.

It was like she was forcing a smile on her lips, I ignored and thought that the issues she was currently having with her boyfriend might still be hurting her.

I concluded that I needed to leave so I can give her some space.

She agreed and I left.

Sonia’s POV

My heart tightened against my rib cage and I stopped breathing for a while as I watched Rose left.

I felt like I had betrayed her, I really love Rose and I’ve always been honest with her. She had always been honest with me too and that’s basically why we had been together all this while.

She doesn’t know Mae Josephine is my friend and that I placed a bet on her husband.

Maybe I shouldn’t have told Mae and my other friends about Ethan, if however, she doesn’t end up making love with Ethan in the remaining eleven days left, I definitely have a chance of winning $50,000.

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To be sincere, I needed the money.

On the other hand, I realize that I may lose too.

I may not only loose $50,000 if Mae Josephine ended up making love with Ethan but I might lose my friendship with Rose if the truth sets out of the bag that I was the pioneer of the lady that seduced her husband into making love with her.

I’m really at a crossrods right now.

I picked my phone and phoned Mae, we had a few conversation on phone and she promised to come over.

Mae appeared in my house few hours later, It was after she was done with work.

We greeted as friends and I gestured for her to feel comfortable.

“Why did you want me to come over? don’t tell me you are not interested in the bet again?” She asked with a skeptical look.

“I’m still in…just that…” I sincerely didn’t know if I should just terminate the bet.