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Clumsy Maid. Episode 6

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I can’t believe I’m falling for Amanda. She’s just too funny and crazy.
There’s never a boring moment in the house.
Anderson and Peter are nice people.
Not rude or mean.
I just love this place.
After running away from those people, Amnada left off in the couch.
She’s just a beauty, pink lips with her dimples and soft cheeks.
“I think we should take our revenge on her now” i said to the boys.
“What should we do… How?” Anderson asked.

“Do you have this balloon that looks like a bed. If you blow air inside, it’ll now look like a bed” i said.

“Yeah. Sure. We do” Peter said.
“Gimme a sec. Lemme get it” he added.

Few minutes later, he came back with the balloon.
He had already blown air in it.
“Good… We’re gonna place this thing in the pool and then lay Amanda there.” I said.

“Won’t she wake up?” Anderson asked.
“We sleep in the same room. She’s a sleepyhead” I Said.
I carried her from the couch and Peter placed the bed on the pool.
I laid her down there.

We was just floating around in the pool.
We took pictures of her floating around.
She’s not the wise one here.
We left her and went to our rooms.
She’d wake up in her new room

I heard someone scream.
I ran outside and saw Peter and Anderson.
I looked at the pool and saw Amanda’s head buried in the pool.
I ran to the pool and dived in and brought her out.
I checked her and she was unconscious.
I gave her a mouth to mouth until she coughed up water and blinked her eyes.
Peter and Anderson who were already afraid heaved a sigh of relief.
I carried her into her room and dried her body and hair with towel.

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“Amanda how are you doing?” I asked.
She didn’t reply.

“Should we take her to the hospital?” Peter suggested.

She didn’t reply rather she turned and faced the wall and closed her eyes.

“Seems she wants to sleep” I suggested and turned to Peter and Anderson. They nod their head
“Let’s leave her for now” I added.

I used the bedsheet and covered her.
We left the room.

“fvck it!” I cursed and used my hand and slammmed against the wall.

“It’s fine bro” Anderson said and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I wish I didn’t do that to her” I said.

“It’s not your fault. We did it together” Peter added.

(Few minutes later)
“I can’t believe this house is so quiet.” Anderson said.

“This house is so fvcking boring” Peter added.

We went upstairs to check up on Amanda.
She was still sleeping.

This is the best sleep i have ever had in a long time.
Those boys are really crazy putting me in a pool and this is the best way to revenge.
I woke up that morning to find me self in the centre of the pool.
The boys are really dumb, of all the way they could revenge this is the only idea that came to their head, well this is a perfect payback for allowing me sleep outside.
I yelled on the top of my voice then took small of the pool water into my mouth
I know it’s gross right, i quickly entered the water and deeped my head into it like i was dead
A familar scent pulled me out and i knew it was Brandon.
I felt his lips on mine.
So soft.
I wish it was a real kiss.
Thank God i had water in my mouth if not i would have kissed him back and be bursted.
After the mouth to mouth and me pretending to cough the water, Brandon took me upstairs,
I played dumb all through and when he was drying my body.
He was careful not to touch my b00bs, i was laughing really hard inside, though i feel bad when i saw they were crying but they started it first, what if i dont know how to swim and fell into the water.
The doors opened and i saw the boys come in their eyes were red already.
I never knew I mean so much to them.

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“I’m hungry” I said.

They were happy i spoke and they all ran down stairs to get me food.
Ah! this is going to be a great day.
I quickly went to the bathroom took my bath and changed my clothes.
I sat down on the bed with the pretending face while the boys walked in with trays of different food in their hands, but the food are much i cant finish them, I signalled them to join me and they did.
Soon we were done eating.

“My body is paining me” I said.

Anderson quickly held one of my foot, Brandon massaged my shoulders and Peter took the other one, I felt like i was in paradise.
With the way Brandon was massaging my shoulders, i wished they could put me in the water again tomorrow because this is the kind of feeling one will never want it to end.
It was already bed time and they were still in my room, the air there was really awkward.
Nobody was talking while i kept looking at them from one person to another, with the way i was looking at them, one after the other they were really really scared, none of them could talk, I signalled them to come close, they were slow at first but finally gain small courage and came close.
Gosh! someone will think they are babies.

“You guys can sleep here if you dont want to go to your room” I said.

They felt relieved and quickly lay down, I was in the centre while Brandon was close to me, Anderson at his back and Peter at his back, I cant believe am this close to Brandon, I could feel his breath on me.
OK this was a bad idea.
The bed was a king size bed am sure if another person wants to join there will still be space, I just close my eyes waiting for sleep to come.
I can’t believe we are on the same bed with Amanda.
Her great lioness, I wish I was close to her like Brandon, I would have stared at her beautiful face all through the night, she gave life meaning to us i don’t even see her like a maid, since she came into this house our life have never been boring, she always has her ways of doing things, am falling for her and i can’t help it.
I know Brandon also has feelings for her also but with the way i saw her in that pool this morning i thought life was over because i dont know how we will live a day without her.
I kept staring at Amanda her beautiful face and her pink lips.
I dont know what would have happened to her if i didnt arrive at that pool earlier, I quickly looked at her lips and and kissed them, i wanted to pull out but she returned the kiss back deeply, and left me i looked at her and she was fast asleep, I cant believe i just kissed Amanda and she kissed me back, but I’m sure she thinks she’s dreaming.
I chuckled lightly and slept off.