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Clumsy Maid. Episode 7

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I woke up and saw Brandon still sleeping close to me, I took my time to check him out, his handsome, long eye lash and his lips.
Oh! i just remembered the dream i had yesterday that i kissed Brandon, that dreams felt so real though but i kinda enjoyed it, I chuckled and stood up i picked some of my clothes and went into the bathroom this time i made sure i locked the door very well.
When i came out, I decided to do some styling to my hair, so i stretched the top and curled the down of my hair it looks so good ,i woke the guys up.

“You look beautiful” they chorused.

“Awwn thanks” i replied blushing.

“So we are out of foodstuffs,and i need all of us to go get some” I said.

“Huh?” Peter said.

“Dont worry this time we are going to the mall and with the car” I said.

Anderson and Peter went to prepare leaving me and Brandon in the room.

“I will be in the kitchen” i said to Brandon and went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast
(Few minutes later; at the mall)
We arrived at the mall, while i gave the three of the basket to follow me ,they kept following me arround while i do the picking.

Soon we were done, I saw that there were more things added to what i pick, I looked at the boys and they all smiled,they paid for it and we left.

“Can we stop at my house?” i asked.

“Sure” Anderson said and i directed him.
We stopped at my house but no one was home so we decided to go to the resturant.

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“Ty!” I yelled and waved her while she ran and hugged me.

“I missed you” she said
“I miss you more”
“This is Anderson, Peter and Brandon, they’re my friends” I said.

“Nice to meet to you all” she said, she stretched her hand for a handshake with Anderson, Brandon and Peter.
They both don’t want to release their hands and kept staring at each other.

“So Ty…” I said interrupting them.
She quickly let go of Peter’s hand and faced me with her face already turning red.

“How many people looked for me?” I asked.

“Well that man you broke his tv because he played a horrible song
The guy you removed his tooth because he tried kissing you
That man you add hot sause in his tea because he said he wants it spicy
The woman you broke her glass table, because you were a horrible dancer”
Ty blurted out while the guys were already laughing their ass out.

“…That guy you went on a blind date with and you found out he has mouth odour And you ran away”
“Oops sorry” she said.

I turned and gave the guys a deadly stare and they shut up immediately still trying to hold their laugh
We ate our lunch in the restaurant…
We had fun and bade Ty good bye.


It was evening already, we already ate dinner and the house was bored.

“Guys lets play a game” I said and they were all happy and turned to me.

I brought out my game book and brought a drink and small cup.
This game is called “Know your secret”
“You will pick a nunber then i will ask you the qestion on that number”

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“Okay” they nodded in agreement.

“I pick number 5” Brandon said.

“Who many ex do you have?” I read.

“10” He replied and our eyes popped out.

“I pick number 1” Peter said.

“When last did you have s£x” I read.
He quickly poured out the drink and took it,and we chuckled.

We kept playing and i kept cheating because i don’t want to answer hard questions or take some shot, by the end of the game the guys were already drunk, and started saying nonsense.

First, I helped Peter upstairs and he kept sniffing my hair and telling me how beautiful i am and will like me to be his girlfriend, which is weird.

Secondly, I helped Anderson to his room.

“Amanda have i told you how much i love you?” He said in a drunk tone.

He loves me?
Well maybe it’s just because his drunk i guess.

“I feel really jealous anytime Brandon is talking to you, but i can’t help it, ,you are so beautiful” he added again and kissed my forehead.

“You are drunk Anderson, stop talking” I said.
And lastly it was Brandon’s turn, I don’t know why my heart was beating, I helped him up and he kept looking at him, I reached the room and placed him on the bed.

“Amanda will you marry me?” He said.

Thank God he is drunk.

“Brandon you have to pull your clothes” i said.

“Amanda come close” He said in a drunk tone.

And i walked to him like a statue, he drew his face close to mine.
Is he about to kiss me?
i dont know why i feel this way about Brandon, and am sure he doesn’t have feelings for me.
I hate to admit i but i kinda like Brandon, I closed my eyes tightly waiting for the kiss but i didn’t get any, i opened one of my eye first then the next and saw he was already asleep, I made him lay properly and covered him with the bedsheet.

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I went and checked on Anderson and Peter again and they were sleeping peacefully.
This is a really werid night, how can three people be inlove with me, I’m really confused. Do they really mean it or they said it because they are drunk?
What if that’s how they really feel about me?
I’m doomed and why do they all have to be very handsome?
Argh! I’m confused.