March 22, 2023

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Clumsy Maid. Episode 8

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I woke up with a serious headache, then the event last night came back.
I remembered I was drunk but how did I end up here is what I don’t remember and am sleeping on Amanda’s bed, I looked arround and saw her lying on the couch, though she doesn’t look comfortable but why she would allow me lie on her bed is what i dont understand.

I stood up and carried her from the couch and lay her on the bed, I entered the bathroom and took my bath, I think it’s high time I tell Amanda how i feel about her, I have been hiding it since and now its not helping matters am falling inlove with her everyday, am really scared, what if she doesn’t even like me talk more of love, well i need to find out first before making a move or better still make her fall inlove with me instead and i have the perfect idea for that.
I woke up with my body aching badly.
Okay. Sleeping on the couch was a bad idea and how did i end up back on my bed and Brandon is not here.
I heard splash of water coming from the bathroom, immediately the bathroom door opened and Brandon came out with a white towel tied arround his waist and water still dripping from his hair and body.
This guy is a demi god,so so handsome and his abs? Romantic.

“Morning Manda” he said snapping me out of my thought.

“Morning Don” I replied and his eyes nearly popped out because i called him Don.
Why did i call him Don?
I waited for him to go out before entering the bathroom and i tried my best not to look at him and finally he was out i quickly entered the bathroom took my bath and came out, i took a jumper jean and crop top and put them on brushed my hair down, I don’t know why but i feel pretty today, the door opened and Brandon walked in with a tray in his hands.

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“I thought you might be really hungry” he said and dropped the tray of hot coffee and toasted bread for me.

“Thanks” I muttered suprised and began eating while he left the room.

Soon i was done eating i took the tray downstairs and saw Anderson already made breakfast and was setting them on the dining.

“Oh i wanted to call you, I made breakfast for us” Anderson said.

“Wow and Brandon had already made me breakfast” I said and looked at Brandon who smiled and saw Anderson looking disappionted.

“Well there is still space for some more in my stomach” I said and Anderson’s face lit up immediately.

He led me to the dining and served me while Peter and Brandon joined, Anderson was being extra caring while Peter and Brandon sent him dagger stares.
Now I know what is happening what they said yesterday is true they all have feelings for me but they now they are tying to impress me

I never planned on impressing Amanda but with the way Brandon is behaving i really have a huge competition, I want Amanda, she’s really crazy but yea I love her that way, I just have to try my best.
I’m gonna give it my best shot!

Okay today is a really weird day and with the way these two are behaving i really stand no chance, I don’t want to be in any competition over a girl because these are the type of things that leads to hatred so instead i just have to kill any feeling i have for Amanda and face someone else maybe that her friend Ty,
She’s really pretty maybe I’ll tell Amanda to invite her over, it’s so funny seeing Brandon and Anderson trying to impress Amanda who seems like she doesn’t even care.
Well I’ll watch and see how this drama unfolds.

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I went out, I need to clear my head, I like Anderson but I like Brandon.
I like them both but there’s just something about Brandon,
his eyes
Pointed nose,
Broad shoulders,
His abs,
I have finally gone insane look at what am thinking.

I just need to get crazy and forget those two, I walked in the empty street.
I saw two dogs that were staring at me but couldn’t come out because the house was fenced and has iron at the top.
I think it’s the iron they can’t jump, they began barking immediately i came close.

I sticked my tounge out and began dancing which made the dogs more aggressive.
I picked a small stone and threw it at them and they barked more loudly.
Damn those dogs.
They look like some fvcking angry-hungry Tiger.

I kept making them angry because i knew they couldn’t jump the iron.
One of them quickly jumped and held the iron it was almost out.

I quickly pulled my shoe held it in my hand and began running while the two dogs were already out and started chasing me.

I quickly reached our gate and it was locked, I threw my shoe away and climbed the fence, but one dogs quickly held my trouser and ripped one side off, I quickly jumped inside.
Thank God i lost them.
My hair was tattered, I was sweating profusely, my jean was ripped off at one side, I quickly straighten my self and decided to sneak inside.
I already in the sitting when i saw the guys clapped their hands and i quickly turned.

“Ohh wonderful. Amanda the chief racer” Peter said and they started laughing.

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How did they see me?
As if it they were reading my mind, Anderson turned his Laptop and showed me.

Oh shit!
There’s a CCTV camera outside.

“I never knew you could run that fast” Anderson said inbetwixt his laugh.

“Maybe you will teach us how to jump the fence” Brandon added and the burst out laughing their ass out.