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Clumsy Maid. Episode 9

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I was really hungry but i can’t go out because of the guys they will still laugh at me.

Just look at what those dogs has caused, I kept walking about in my room when the door open and Brandon walked in with a tray in his hands, he dropped it on the table and asked me to eat, I quickly picked the spoon and began eating while he kept staring at me like a television.

“My bad, I didnt ask you to join me” I said after finishing the food.

“Don’t worry I have already eaten” he said and chuckled.

he said and i went close to him, he helped me on bed, I sat down while he streched my legs, he held one of my foot and began massaging it gently.
This guy is a gentle man, I feel so good right now.
I was enjoying myself and began to dose off while sitting.
Brandon helped me lay down gently on the bed, used the duvet to cover me.
I couldn’t even say anything i just kept mute looking at him, after covering me with the duvet the bent slowly and kissed my forehead gently.
His lips went to my lips and he kissed them, I was shocked at first but later returned the kiss back, we kissed for minutes before we broke it to catch our breath.

“Amanda, I love you” he said.
I wanted to say something but he place his finger on my lips.

“You don’t have to say anything, I will wait” he added.

“You can sleep on the bed if you want” blurted out almost immediately.
That’s not what I wanted to say, but i said it.

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“Okay” he said and climbed the bed, after minutes of awkward silence i pretended i was asleep, he moved close to me i could feel his breath on my neck, he drew me closer to him and rapped his hands arround my waist, I couldnt pull out .
Instead i felt really comfortable and safe.
I don’t know what it is about this guy but am having werid feelings about it.
I don’t know if it is what they call LOVE.
First, I allowed him to kiss me without removing his tooth and now he is cuddling me.
Well no matter what this felling is, I never want it to end.
I can admit it: “AM IN LOVE WITH BRANDON”

I wish Amanda could see what is in my heart for her.
To see how pure my love for her is.
I’m ready to give her the whole world.
I love her so much from the first time i saw her.
I got attracted to her but only scared about one thing, how do i tell her that am a billonarie who came to Chicago.
How is she going to take it…

I woke up with danny arm still rapped arround me, I quickly raised his arm but he help me tight.
“Lets stay like this for two minute please” he said
“Time up” I said and ran into the bathroom turning all red already.

After taking my bath i went down stairs and met the guys in the dining.
Brady made breakfast.

“Guys i want us to go out today” i said
“Where?” Peter asked.

“There is this park i saw yesterday and i want us to go there” I said.

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“Okay” Anderson said…

“Well let meet me here in five” I said and they went upstairs while i washed the dishes.
Soon I was done and i went to my room.
Brandon was already done dressing.
He looks so hot in his red T-Shirt and Blue Jean.
I never knew I was drolling over him until he waved his hands in my face and come back to myself.

“I will see you downstairs” he said and pecked me on my cheeks and left while i stood there like a statue blushing.
What am i doing here!?
I hit my head and began dressing.
I wore a short Jean skirt and red top.
I curled the tip of my hair and brushed it down.
I applied some mascara to my eye lashes and wore a red lipstick and this time i made sure it is perfect!
I looked extremely beautiful.
I really want to impress Brandon by looking beautiful, which is really werid because i have never thought of impressing any guy before.
I applied some perfume took my small hand bag and wore black boots that matched with my handbag.
As I walked down the stairs their eyes drifted to me and they were drolling mouth open including Brandon.
You need to see the way their eyes were open together with their mouth it was so funny.

“You guys need to close you mouth before an insect enters” I said and chuckled.

They quickly close their mouth and maintained.
That was when i noticed that i was wearing matching outfit with Brandon and the guys kept staring at us suspiciously.

“Shall we” Brandon said and we all went out.