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Crazy Couple. Episode 5

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episode 5

Bryan POV

As the ray of sun shines towards my direction I gradually opened my eyes .
As I stretch my hands I mistakenly touch Kate and Immediately I turned to check if she have woken up but she was still sleeping like an Angel..
I laid there as I stare at her innocent face and her cute pouted mouth, she really look beautiful when sleeping. I used my my hands to remove some of her hair that cover part of her face and just immediately she start moving her body and just when I was about to turn back she held my hands with her eyes half closed..
and then she said
“where are u running to, I already caught you… she said and opened her eyes fully..

oh my God that means she caught me staring at her..

em..m..I wasn’t running , I just wanna stand up…I said
” OK if u say so, anyways good morning ..she greeted
“morning to u too….I replied
And just before I forget you are making breakfast this morning right…I said immediately
” huh…yea its true…I made the promise and you will see that I make delicious food better than you…she said and I laughed .

we were both downstairs , she was In the kitchen while I was In the parlour watching some movies..

Kate POV

I was in the kitchen preparing the food.
my whole attention is on the food , I have to prove to Bryan that I cook better than him .

it didn’t take much time the food was ready and all done . then I went to the sitting room to call him.

he was serious watching a movie and when I checked the movie it looks Interesting but I don’t have time for that now ,maybe later.

Bryan …I called ( I think this is the first time am calling his name ever since we got married…

“yea…he answered
” food is ready…I said like an house wife..
“oh you mean our judgement food is ready… he joked
” yea whatever just come and have a taste and you will confirmed that I cook better than you…I said
“oh really!! he said and stood up as he walks toward the dinning…

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Have already served the food so am just waiting for him to have a taste of it..

I watched him as he grab the food closer to him..he took the spoon and dish a spoon full Into his mouth …
he chews it for some seconds , he look at me but didn’t say anything and took another one , he did again the third time and I was beginning to be anxious, what’s happening why is he not saying anything…
does he want me to just stay here and watch him consume the whole food without saying anything..

After the third spoon , he drank little water and drop the spoon then faced me…
within me I was so anxious…
did he like it or not..

umm……he cleared his throat and then put on a serious face and then all of a sudden he smiled and said
” that was damn delicious…you are such a great cook…. he said but that’s not what I really want to hear

“And????….I said nervously
he looked at me still with the smiling face and then said ” And you cook more better than me”
“yeppe….that’s what I wanna hear…I said out loud and we both laughed.

Bryan POV

After breakfast , I decided to start the chatting..
“so what are your likes and dislikes…I asked
” ummm….my likes …she said as she smiled then she continued..
I love watching movies, I love making friends , I love people around me , I love dressing ..she said and laughed but she still continue…
I love playing PS game….she said and that caught my attention
“really you like playing PS game ….I exclaimed
” of course, I love it so much …she said boldly
“oh really , I also love it and I play it very well and I always win my friends when playing it…
” ummm…really! why don’t we play so I can beat you to hell….she said
“oh that’s a challenge???…. I said”
“if you say so….she said
” OK common let’s get the game started…. I said
we both went to the sitting room as I arranged the PS decoder and connects it with the TV and handed her own game pack to her..
“are you ready??…I asked
” let’s it this game start…she said looking ready..
Then we started ..

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oh my god, I can’t believe she is damn good at it…she is a crazy player..
As she was playing , I was busy looking at her , she was all smiling and her perfect set of teeth revealing , she is damn beautiful..
I was just staring and suddenly she shouted..
“I won !!!!!!!!!!!
That’s when I turn to the TV and I saw that she won my player loosed…
” I told you I will beat you but you dared me…she said and I just smile and was busy staring at her.


I was so surprised I could win Bryan in the game. An not really familiar with it but I so much love watching people playing it and have also played it some couple of times.

I won him and while I was happy , he was just staring at me and I noticed it..
I also was staring at him, no doubt he is really handsome..
we stare at each other for some seconds and am beginning to feel weird..

ummm….umm..I cleared my throat so I could cut him from staring at me..
“yea, you won…you are really good…he said
” yea…thanks …I said
“so what do u too like…I said
” ummm…I just love being myself, I don’t really make friends because am not that social and when I love someone , I love the person with the whole of my what no matter what the person does…. he said and that really make my heart melt..and I just find myself imagining and dreaming..

“can I ask you something weird…he asked getting my attention
” weird question??…I said
“yea , maybe not weird , well I don’t know how you will take it but promise you won’t get angry…he said
” ummm….let me hear it first…I said.
“no you have to promise… he Insist
” ummm…OK promise
“pinky promise?… he said
I looked at him and laughed then I replied ” yea pinky promise…

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“ummm…OK, so…yea… he was stuttering…
” common talk now I promise I won’t be angry…I said
“he looked at me again and then said ” have you been in any relationship before ???
“oh just that, and I thought you were gonna blow bomb ….I said laughing..
” wait doesn’t it sound weird to you??? he asked
“of course not and to answer your question ” have never been in any relationship….. I said
“really , I mean as beautiful and gorgeous as you are ??….he said surprisingly…
” yea people do say that but when I was in high school I was so busy that I never had time for any dude and that’s what affected till I graduated and even when I graduated , I got job and that also kept me busy and not until mom brought our marriage issue up…..I said
“wow!!…he exclaimed…

” ummm… how about you , have u ever been in love, I mean have u ever been in relationship..??..I asked
“umm…yea …and its damn great and interesting , she was so crazy and cute ….he said smiling and looking like he was remembering someone..
” who is she????….I asked and I think that brought him back to where we are , all he just do was to stare at me.