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Crazy Couple. Episode 39

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu????

Episode 39

My eyes flared open and I scanned the room with my eyes.

I sat up slowly on the bed and rubbed my eyes.

Jeremy wasn’t on the bed with me and I guess he must have gotten ready for work.

Thank goodness there’s a maid downstairs. Jeremy’s mom hired her.
That woman.
Her smiles are as fake as her lifestyle.

Am used to studying people in just a short period of time and that’s why my heart didn’t accept Yvonne completely the first time we met at my wedding reception.

I glanced at Jeremy’s cellphone on the bed. The screen was on and I looked into what displayed.


It’s just work stuff.

I wonder how he does it.
We both slept late but he woke up before me and even had enough time to work with his phone.

Jeremy’s a superhero.

I heard footsteps outside the door and in few seconds, The door opened and he came into the room with the maid behind him.

She dropped the tray on the table and turned to me.

“Good morning ma’am” She said but didn’t wait for me to reply and left the room.

Jeremy say beside me and claimed my lips. His hands wandered down to my waist and he drew closer.

“Good morning jerk. Aren’t you going to work today?” I asked wrapping my hands around his neck.

“Mr jerk is going to take care of Miss Crazy today” He replied and kissing me on my neck.

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I closed my eyes enjoying the intense feeling.
Let him not even think about it.

I opened my eyes and removed my hands from his neck.

“What now wifey? Do you have to be such a kill joy?

“Anyways, you don’t look so weak like yesterday. You’re doing good babe” He stated and kissed me again.

I pushed him slightly.

“Enough…Don’t be do touchy!” I grouse and he chuckled.

He helped me sit at the edge of the bed and drew the tray close.
He uncovered the plates and handed me the spoon.

“Did you cook this?” I asked and he shrugged.
“I was going to cook but when I got to the kitchen the maid was already making something”.

I nodded and he fed me.

I was placed behind bars and all I felt was anger, betrayal and more hatred.

I almost fainted when I found out grandpa knows about this.


I’ve lost everything.

what is Jeremy going to do to me??

He has to pardon me.
I can’t go to jail…not now.

Unless…I strike back!
I need an outside man that’ll carry out my plans.

I was done eating and bathing when Dad arrived.

I had no idea he was visiting.

At least am glad Jeremy let me see him. It’s more like he doesn’t want me to step out if the bedroom.

“Dad, am so scared. What if something happens tomorrow and I don’t wake up….” I said despondently and he sighed.

“I know you’re scared my dear but you have to be strong baby girl. Daddy loves you and will never let anything happen to you” He said and I dropped my head on his thigh.

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He stroke my hair singing to me like he always sang when I was younger.
Jeremy leaned at the door in the bedroom watching us in silence.

The moment Stella’s through with the surgery and can do well on her own, I’m coming for Tristan.

I’ll kill the bast*rd and make him pay for even thinking that he could hurt Stella and take her away from me.

Just a matter of time.
And I’ll make sure no harm comes on her ever again.


I watched them take her into the emergency room.

I hope she comes out alive and in one piece.

Our baby…
Nothing should happen to it.

I don’t think I can bare seeing Stella grief for our lost baby. I can’t even imagine it.

Her father sat by the lobby waiting patiently for the next hour when the surgery would be over.

I was too uncomfortable to sit down so I just walked around the hallway.
Stella was in VIP so there was no one else allowed to come near the premises.

After a while, Jeffery showed up.

We half hugged and he sighed.

“She just stepped into the ER” I said and he nodded.

“I know this is not a good time…but…” He paused and looked around.

“What’s wrong?” I asked staring keenly at him.

“It’s about Nina…”