March 24, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 49

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 49

-Still At Etha’s House-

Rose’s POV

I took the apple from the dish and fed him, he took a bite and chew it looking into my eyes.

My face reddened.

After he was done eating the first apple.

I took the second apple but held my hand as he chew the bite in his mouth.

After he was done chewing and could now speak without barrier, he said; “Can I also feed you?”

“Ou! But…I’m not hungry.” I said and his reactions to my words were not positive.

“Fine, feed me.” I said and his face lightened.

He fed me and I simply smiled.


8PM in the evening!

He had eaten the food I cooked for him and had been on his laptop working on some business stuffs.

He joined me on the bed and faced me..

“I thought you had slept.” He said.

“No, I just don’t want to disturb you.” I replied as I looked into his face.

I know my characters can be very irritating but…you still love me right?” He asked.

“I can never stop loving you, Ethan.” I assured and his face glowed, he darted his eyes on my lips.

“I’m still thinking how the first day we kiss would be.” I said and he quickly took his eyes off my lips.

I smiled.

“Erm…Kiss!” He repeated like he had not heard it before.

“Yes, mo-uth to mo-uth kiss, ” I said.

“Or…should we try it now?” I questioned.

“Erm.. I can’t really say but…I’m nervous, I don’t know how I will feel if we kiss.”

“Nothing is going to happen, Ethan…trust me, you will enjoy it.” I said and he darted his face back to my lips.

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I moved my lips to his and our lips were now touching each other.

I took his lower lips into mine, licked it softly and released it.

His face expressed so much shock.

“You licked my lower lips?” He asked in shock.

“Yes, any problem?”

He shook his head in response

“You like it?” I asked

“I’m coming.” He said and switched on the light.

He went to the mirror and began to examine his lower lips.

I watched him gently and stood from the bed.

I hugged him from the back and rested my head to his back.

He was stiff for a while after which he turned to me.
“Let me do the same…,please?” He asked and I gave him the go ahead.

Seems our Ethan is growing!