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V Couple. Chapter 16

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V Couple.

Chapter 16

Rose’s POV

“I just told you I’ve never…” I recognized the presence of the nurse and kept quiet. I don’t disclose anything personal to outsiders.

I had only disclosed it to that man because he is old, matured and treated me like his daughter. Though, he can be very strict.

“You sleep in the same b-ed with your husband right?” He asked and I nodded.

“Sure sir.” I replied.

“Something might have happened without your knowledge.” He said.

“Are you saying he could drug me to sleep and…” I said assuming he understood.

“Yes…but we can’t be so sure until the test is conducted. ” He replied and I turned to the nurse.

I do not know why people beleive that once you are vomiting, it can only imply that you are pregnant.

“Can I go ahead and test you ma? ” The nurse questioned and I gave her the go ahead.

She tested me and revealed the result to the old man.

I just watched the two of them knowing convincingly that being pregnant is just a dream.

“Would you like to see it?” The old man asked.

“Negative?” I asked confidently.

“You should check.” The man replied and my mind became shaky.

I collected the result nervously and checked.

I screamed on seeing the result.

“What? I? Pregnant? How come?” I was asking no one in particular.

The man simply watched me with a smirk on his lips.

I felt so foolish.

“You may leave?” He said to the nurse.

As the nurse took steps away, I called unto her saying: “Hey! please wait!”

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The nurse paused and turned to me.

“There might be a mistake somewhere, can you conduct the test again?” I asked.

“Mistake? it’s my fifteenth year in the maternity department, I have never for once made a mistake.” the nurse replied

“Mine might be the first one.” I replied and she just starred at me.

“Test me, will you?” I requested and she walked close to me.

She set her tools on the desk of the old man and conducted the second test for me.

I looked anxiously at her and she showed me the result directly this time.

“I’m pregnant for real?” I muttered with my hand on my stomach.

“I will now take my leave.” The nurse said and walked away.

I was stunned and my lips were dropped, I felt foolish and stunned.

I had never even dreamt of it.

Does that mean Oscar dr-ugged me and made love with me?