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Accidental Bride. Chapter 18

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 18

Elizabeth’s POV

I quickly put on his trouser, it looked big on my body but I had no choice. He stood and walked out.

I followed and peeped from the room, I saw Jack and Ethan seated in a blue black suit in the living room.

He is right when he said there are visitors that might see me when I’m going to my room.

But what did they come for again?

I went to the mirror and looked at myself, the cloth looked so big on me but I still felt good in it.

The food Mr Ashley Romeo served me had digested and I’m now feeling hungry.

After two hours, I checked and saw that they were still discussing.

What in the world are these people talking about since morning for crying out loud.

At some point, I couldn’t take it again, I sneaked out of the room and started tip toeing to the kitchen hoping that I won’t be caught.

Just as I got to the sitting room, Mr. Ashley Romeo’s voice sounded.

“Elizabeth, can you get my friends some juice?”

What! Why did he cast me?

I was forced to reveal myself to those men whose original attention was not on me.

They both chuckled on seeing the cloth I wore, I ignored and walked inside the kitchen.

I took two juice from the kitchen and while cleaning the tray that I will serve them with, I saw a bottle that contained a sleeping powder.

I guess this was what Mr Ashley Romeo used for me the other time I was eating and suddenly find myself in his room.

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I smiled and poured those powder in the juice I had planned on serving his friends with.

Those friends of his were the one mocking me the day Mr Ashley Romeo introduced me to them as his s-x slave.

It’s time for me to mock them too.

I walked to the sitting room and served the two men.

“She seems coolheaded too.” Ethan said to Mr Ashley Romeo while Jack just smirked at me.

I wonder what’s funny to him.

I wasn’t smiling, I was just waiting for them to drink so I can have fun watching them sleep.

I walked back to the kitchen to cook food for myself, instead, I was peeping and luckily for me, Jack and Ethan started to take the drink.