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Crazy Couple. Episode 6

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Episode 6

Bryan POV

“who is she??..she asked almost suddenly and it shock the living hell out of me
” she?, who?…I asked at once
“yea,she the one you are talking about, the one who is crazy and at same time very sweet to you…so tell me who is she”… she said and this time she was looking very closely Into my eyes..
” emm..emmm…I tried to say but no word was coming forth
“common Bryan you could tell me anything , remember we are friends now… she said and within I thought about it. yea it is true we are friends and. nothing more but am just feeling awkward telling her about Tracy..

” OK, I said as I breath down , then continued.. “her name is Tracy, she was my first love…I said as I stopped to look at her reaction..

my heart sink the moment I heard first love…
I don’t know the feeling that engrossed me , whether its hatred or shock or jealously , I just can’t place it but I never allowed it to show on face , I pretended as if I was OK with it. when he stopped I knew he wanted to know what my reaction will be but Instead I smiled at him and then said ” go on , why did you stop??
he looked at me with some disbelief then he nodded and continued.
“Tracy was really nice ,cool, smart , loving, she has the cutest smile and do you know she also plays PS game…he said
And that’s when I knew it was the PS game that reminded him of her.

” Did you guys break up or what? ….I asked
” No we never did…he replied and that shocked me the more..
“so what happened, I mean where is she??…I asked being so curious
” she is in England, after high school , her dad was transferred to England and so everyone of them decided to relocate with their dad but we still communicate….he said

“right now, I think am beginning to sweat but what’s wrong with me , why can’t I take In all these words about this Tracy girl, have not even met her , so why should I be disturb..

” so does she knows you are married…. I asked and I think that question hits him…

Bryan POV

why is Kate asking all of these questions, I can’t bare it anymore..

“why are u asking all of these, I hope am not pissing you off… I asked because right now I don’t know where this is leading to…

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” Nothing, I just wanna know some things about you…she said
“really?? are u sure about that?….I asked
” yea, so tell me does she know about your marriage… she asked again
“yea she knows ….I replied
( within me, I can’t let her know that Tracy came to my wedding and even on my wedding night that am supposed to spend with Kate, I spend it with Tracy .
yes she came back from England when she knew all about the marriage stuff , we had planned to elope but she dissuade me from such and made me promise to always love her no matter what and that when the right time comes we will both be together and afterwards we had s£x..)

Damn it…I said not knowing it was loud enough for Kate to hear…

” what happened??… Kate asked
“nothing , just had light stomachache… I lied

” OK ,sorry for that…. she said

” can I ask you one more question…. she said and this time I wonder what it was…
“sure …I said but not with certainty
” OK,ummm… she In your past now, I mean do you still have feelings for her…she and immediately I quickly fake a stomachache ..
“oh god, my stomach hurts badly… be right back , I said as I rush out of the sitting and went upstairs.

” god!!! that’s was a die minute save, if I had not run like that , only God knows what would have happened…
how can I tell her that I still have feelings for Tracy , gosh…that will really sound weird.

But was she asking all of those questions, I still can’t figure it out.

After some minutes I went back downstairs , and I saw her watching a movie…

“umm…someone is seeing a movie without her friend… I said jumping into the couch..
” oh sorry about that…she said .
“so how are you feeling now…??? she asked
” feeling, how….ohhh….am feeling better , I think its the reaction of your food, you know my stomach is used to just my own type of cooking…. I said jokingly just to get her attention and I did..
“oh really, you think my food is the cause of your running stomach… she asked looking all serious at me..
” yea…I think so ever Since I ate your food, my own body have been vibrating…I said
“oh really , are they??…she asked as she grab the couch pillow and hit me..
” oh you want a pillow fight…I said as I also grab one…
“yea, let me beat out that food in you…she said as she hit me the second time and then I hit her back and that’s how we started pillow fight forgetting about the weird conversation that almost set my whole body on fire.

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Kate POV

After the weird questions and answers that took place between Bryan and I the other day… everything have going smoothly and fun.
we hang out lot of times, we go to cinemas , watch movies, go on dates and even most times we play PS game . Everything we engaged in was done based on mutual friendship and nothing else..but I don’t think that is working on my own side because I wished every moment we spend together last forever.

(3 months later)

weeks have turn into months and months into months and Bryan and I are still coping and everything seems perfect but suddenly Bryan became dull for some weeks, sometimes he just couldn’t look at me, sometimes if I ask him what the problem is , he’ll just ignore and tell me everything will be fine . I wonder what’s going through his mind, I wonder what the problem is that he doesn’t wanna share with me. And that’s when the fear of the unknown began to hunt my heart. for a moment I wish everything continues like it was some few months ago and then a second thought of our past shows up.
what if Bryan doesn’t realize his love for me at the end of six month, what if we end up separating from one another , what if our love becomes a once upon a time love story but still I believe something positive will come not the type that gives up easily , no matter what happens I will fight for my love.

later in the night Bryan came back from work and he said he has a surprise for me and I wonder what it is .
he instructed that I should stay in the room while he prepare the surprise and later he will come and get me ..
but what it all about?.. but then I began to imagine a romantic moment between the both of us..common Kate get a hold of your self.

I took my bath and was all dressed up just like Bryan instructed and I was sitting on the bed in our room waiting for him and just like he knew it , he opened the door and came in..
“wow!!!…you look stunning… he said
” thanks, so what’s the surprise …I asked anxiously..
“calm down…you will soon find out …he said..
I looked at him and I just wonder what he is up to..
” shall we??..I asked bringing me back from my thoughts
“of course …I said and he lead the way with hands rapped around his.

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he walked me downstairs majestically and that’s when I saw how beautifully he decorated the whole sitting room..
it was so colourful and amazing , I just couldn’t contain my happiness as I let it out loud…
” this is so beautiful…. I said
“thank you my Lady…he replied as he grab my hands and lead me to the dinning table also decorated beautifully…
I sat down as I stare at him and finally said ” what’s this all about….I asked as I watch him pour the drinks into cups..
“its our three month friendship anniversary and that’s when it became dawn on me that we’ve been together for the past three months..
” friendship anniversary or wedding anniversary… I said not knowing when the words came out… gosh..
“the both…he said and that sound as a relief to me.
” wait does he love me too?
“is this a step to a new start?
” are we going to start our own family soon?..

After the meal that was so delicious , I still couldn’t believe that a man in his own class, so cute and rich would find joy in doing house chores like cooking ..
And he does it perfectly well , most times his meal taste more better than mine. But truth be told I just can’t wish for a better husband than Bryan.
I silently pray within that this night changes all things.

“do mind for a dance… he said stretching his hands forth to me..
I smile as I look at him and grab those hands that are so soft and warming..

The music plays on as we both flow with the song and at the same time was lost in each other eyes.
” you are really an Angel Kate Bryan Asher …he said and that shock the living hell out of me..
did he just add his name and last name to my name..
he just called me “Kate Bryan Asher””
God what happening.