January 29, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 55

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V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 55

Ethan’s POV

I watched her sit on my bed with her la-ps opened. I couldn’t help my eyes as it sets on her white p@nt.

“Why are you acting like a prostitute Mae?” I finally was able to say though I was feeling charged already.

She was dressing so hot and…my days!

“Boss!” Her finger was in her mouth, she li-cked it and winked at me.

“It’s nothing personal.” She said and signalled for me to come over but I remained still.

She walked to the door and close it.

I ran to the bathroom and closed the door on me.

I was breathing heavily, seeing that I was only on towel and the way my body was reacting, I couldn’t stand staying there with her.

There is no way she would open the door to this bathroom, though.

I heard steps approach the bathroom and I just stood still

“Don’t be shy boss, come out and have fun.” She said slowly and seducingly.

The sound of her voice were having effects on my ear.

I felt like opening the door and succumbing to temptations but no! I would never cheat on her.

I had never even made love with her, if at all I want to make love, she would be the first.

“Open this door , boss!” She requested but I never opened it.

I sat on the bare floor of the bathroom and turned on the shower, I began to meditate.

All what she kept saying wasn’t entering my ears anymore.

I was lost in meditation, I meditated for another three hours.

I stood up and felt relieved, sound and strong.

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I opened the door of the bathroom and I was stunned to see her la-y on the bed, she had slept off.

“The power of meditation!” I said to myself and packed my little luggae inside my box.

She tossed like someone about to wake but she doesn’t seem close to being awake, she only adjusted her position of sleeping.

I smiled and thought of what I could do to her before leaving , I need to teach her a lesson so that she would stay away from me.

I placed a call to the receptionsit downstairs and my voice came through.

“Good morning sir, how can I help you?” The receptionist voice came soft.

“Yeah, I would not want you to disturb me, I believe you can see my room number there?”

“Yea sir, room 308.”

“Good, I’ll be in here for seven days, if I call,don’t answer. don’t serve me food, just leave my door closed. Come and open it for me after seven days, don’t ask me why.” I said.

“Understood sir.”