February 2, 2023

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Accidental Bride. Chapter 23

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 23

Elizabeth’s POV

“Does that mean I can’t eat in your house again?” I questioned Mr Ashley Romeo.

He was still inside his room and has not opened the door to his room.

“There are foods available in the house, I can’t watch you starve to death, but yoghurt , no!” He replied.

“But yoghurt is my favorite and will you open this door and speak to me?” I requested.

“No, you can’t see me anymore.” He replied.

“Cause you are a ghost or what?” I hissed and walked to the kitchen.

All the foods that were available in the kitchen were not my taste. It seems he knows someone that told him the foods I love and the ones I despise.

I walked out of the kitchen and went to lay in my room, those food are not my type.

I was hungry. I would have run away from this house but just like he said; I can neither go to my parent’s house nor afford an hotel.

Meaning that I’m practically stuck here.

I was so angry at myself.

An idea then came to my head: It was to steal from him and go start a life somewhere.

Afterall, he’s rich

I stepped down from my bed and sauntered around the house, I was looking intently at every rooms and wondering where he could keep money

A room was left slightly opened, I twisted the knob and walked in.

There was just a wardrobe, a chair and a desk. It was tiled with gold. It looked beautiful but the room was designed in a simple way and that was what caught my attention.

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I began to search the wardrobe and to my surprise, I saw bunch of money.

I arched my brow in shock and looked around, it doesn’t sound like anyone was coming so I packed two bundles and smuggled it inside inside my pocket.

I quickly walked out like nothing happened, I could have packed everything but I do not want to be too greedy plus I can be caught at any moment.

I got to my room and brought the money out, I counted it and it was $17,000

I waa so glad , that’s a huge one now.

I think I can run away with this, I changed into a cloth that can accommodate the money without anyone suspecting and I walked out of the house.