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I Sold My V. Episode 15

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( His royal Excellency)

✍️ Fifteen✍️

I looked up at his face. He was staring at the sunset. His brown eyes turning into lighter, tired ones. His face glistening in the sunlight. I feel strongly for him. The way he makes me feel is indescribable but I found a way to put my feelings into words and I told him. Yet he didn’t tell me how he really felt about me, about why he wanted me and keeps wanting me. I just don’t understand.

He looked down at me and frowned softly. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing” I said.

“Then why are you frowning?”
I hadn’t realized that was what my face was doing. I looked down and relaxed my face. “I was just thinking” I said looking at the sun again.

“About what?”

I sighed. “About you”

He looked surprised like I didn’t think about him at all, when I actually think about him all the time.

“What about me?” He asked.

“How do you feel about me?”

He looked away and sighed quietly. Like he didn’t want me to ask the question. Like I was bothering him by asking it.

“What?” I asked.
“Why do you need to know how I feel?”

He doesn’t love me I know that for sure now. “I-i just wanna know”

“This should be enough, I shouldn’t have to say it” he looked deep into my eyes. They turned dark brown again. “This should be enough to show you how I feel”

I took a step back. Moving away from him. “Joshua I didn’t ask for any of this…” I started to get louder and my voice grew the more and more I spoke. “I didn’t ask you to fly me to France, I didn’t ask you to meet your parents”

“But you did, shouldn’t you know how I feel” he held his arms out in defense.

“I asked a question I don’t expect a smart ass answer”
“V” he grabbed my arm.

“No! I poured my heart out to you yesterday, I told you how I felt. Which is something I don’t do often!” I yelled.

He looked speechless. He better be careful about what he says. “I don’t know how I feel, I can’t say it”

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I sighed. “I don’t believe it”


“I think something is holding you back. I think something is stopping you from having sex with me, so I could just… be around or something, I don’t know”

“That’s not true”

“Then what’s true?! What is the truth? How do you feel about me?”
He bit down on his jaw. Stopping himself from speaking. When he didn’t answer I knew how he felt. Him not responding is all the reply I need from him.

“I’m ready to go” I said crossing my arms.

“V, please don’t be like this” he stepped toward me.

I didn’t say anything. I just turned my head away from him.

“Alright” he finally said. “Let’s go”

I started making my way back to the car. He brought me to this place called ‘Romance Park’ it’s not very Romantic if you ask me. At least I got to see the Eiffel Tower. I really wanted to see that.

When we got to the car. He tried to open the car door for me but I beat him to it. Opening it myself and sitting down. He then got in and started driving.

The ride was silent back to his parents house. I don’t even want to face them. I’ll have to plaster his fake smile on my face and talk to them. While he will just stand there with a straight face, I won’t be able to tell if he’s mad or not.

I got out the car and walked inside heading right upstairs to the bedroom and closing the door.

I can’t believe him. He’s so stubborn and difficult. I can’t believe I embarrassed myself like that, in front of him. And then I let him touch me. He made me feel special and I liked it. I deny want it to end, it felt so good. His skin against mine, kissing me and caressing me. I want him to do it again. I want to have s*x with him.

I place my suitcase on the bed and get ready for a shower. I begin to take off my jeans and my shirt, when I remember to take my medicine. I open my pouch and look for it but it’s not there.

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I won’t panic I can’t, it’ll just make things worse. I dump out all my clothes and look through them.

I stand back and look at the room for a second. “Where is it? Where is it? where is it? where is it? where is it?” I kept repeating that to myself. I can’t remember where it is I need to take them. I start to cry as I put my clothes back in my suitcase. This is not good. This is not good at all.

I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower.

I walk back into the room and my purse falls off the bed. I run to it and dump all the contents out and there goes rolling across the bed. “Oh thank you God” I sigh in relief.

I take a pill out and look for a bottle of water. I begin to head downstairs but I don’t have any clothes on. Instead I turn on the sink and take a sip of the cold water.

“Why are out drinking out the sink?” Someone asked.

I whipped my head up toward the noise and it was Joshua standing in the bathroom door way. “And why is your face red?”

I hope he didn’t see me put the pill in my mouth. I don’t want him to think I’m on drugs.

I looked behind him really fast and my pill bottle is sitting out on the bed, very clear for him to see. “I’m going to take a shower” I said and moved past him. While he was looking away I grabbed the bottle and shoved it back into my purse along with everything else I dumped out.

“What’s wrong, Valentina?”

“Nothing” I said and walked back into the bathroom.

“If this is about me-”

“It’s not” I cut him off.

“Is it your mother?”

“No” I simply say.

His eyes travel from mine down to my body. He let them stay there for a while before looking into my eyes again.
I walk over to him and begin to close the door but he stops it. “Don’t be like this”

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“I just want to take a shower”

“I don’t want you mad at me” he pushed his way into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. I know what he’s trying to do. I’m in my bra and underwear and he’s…. sexy.

“I’m not mad at you”

He started walking closer to me, I moved back until I hit the sink counter.

“Let me make it up to you” he whispered in my ear.

“Joshua stop” He placed his hand on my thigh and moved his hand upward.
He sucked on my neck and made his way to my lips. “Stop” I said and tried to push him off but he didn’t move. He picked me up and placed me on the counter. Touching my body as he did.

It feels so good. He feels so good. I feel like I’m doing something bad but I don’t care about the consequences, I just him on me, touching me like he is.

I moaned into his mouth as he squeezes my butt. I bit my lip and tugged on his shirt. I want him to take it off. I want to feel his chest against me. He starts to take it off but I stop him.

“I have to rake my shower” I say out of breath.

“Valentina stop”

“What?” I asked raising my eyebrow.
I’m teasing him and he knows I am.

He bites down and sighs. I kiss him softly one more time. Sliding my tongue into his mouth and biting his lip before I pull away.

He leans back for more but I turn my head. “Go” I say.


“Come on” I cut him off and push him out the bathroom. “I need to shower” I say before I close the door and lock it.

He jiggles the handle and pushes the door wanting to come in.

“Stop it, Josh!” I yelled and get in the shower. I’m still mad at him.