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I Sold My V. Episode 25

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( His royal Excellency)


✍️ Twenty- Five✍️

As he was speeding down the highway my stomach growled.

“Are you hungry?” He asked.

“No” I lied. I’m starving, I feel like if I don’t eat now then my stomach will eat itself.

“Come on, let’s get something, I know your hungry, V”

I love how he just, over the time he’s known me, has given me a nickname. Well not really but something other than my full name and something other than a swear word.

“No I’m really fine”
“Well I’m hungry” he said. He took the next exit and before I knew it we were parked at a steak and shake.

I love steak and shake. My stomach growled more as I stepped out the car.

We walked inside and sat at a table. Why can’t he order out? I don’t want to sit across from him right now. I want to go to sleep and think about what to say to him next.

“What do you want?”

I looked at him for a while and didn’t say anything at first. “I want to go home” I said. “I’m not hungry”

The waiter walked up to us and did the usual things waiters do. His name is Kim and he’s going to be taking our order tonight. He wants to know how we are doing and what he want to drink and if we are ready to order.

Joshua orders for both of us and we sit and wait for our food.

The waiter came back with our drinks and Joshua started drinking his sprite. I leaned in closer to him.

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“Remember when were talking and you said you could find me a job”

“Yes” He took a sip of his drink. “You think you’re ready to work?” He smirked.

“I’m always ready to work”

“Well there’s a department the company that has an opening for a PA, you interested?”
“Definitely” I smiled.

“Okay” he started but under one condition. “You have to stay with me”


“Valentina” he chuckled. “Come on, I promise I’ll be good”

The waiter came back with our food and Joshua dug in. I said a quick prayer and started eating.

“Why do you do that?” He asked when he finished chewing.

“What?” I asked quietly.


“Um, you’re supposed to bless your food before you eat” He nodded and continued eating. “You’re not very religious, huh?”

“My parents are catholic but I don’t believe in God”

“Why?” I asked.

“You had it rough growing up, why didn’t he get you out of the situation sooner? You’re mother has cancer why did he give her that?”

I started eating my fries and thought about his questions. “God works in mysterious ways”

“I don’t deny that there is a God but I just don’t understand. It’s all too confusing”

“It is pretty confusing, but I have faith in Him. He led me to you” I said not looking at him.
I felt him stare at me intensely. “You believe that?” He asked.

“I’d like too” I said still not looking at him.

After we finished eating he payed for the food and we got back in the car. I checked the time on the dashboard and it’s 9:20. “You’re staying with me” Joshua said before he started the car. “You’ve punished me long enough, let’s just get this over with”

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I stayed quiet.

I don’t want to bring it up again because every time I do we end up fighting. Maybe it’s time I let it go, maybe this time we’ll get along and we can get the deed done.

“Okay” I breathed. “But I need to get my things from Johns”

“We can get them tomorrow, V” he started the car.

“No I need them now”

He sighed and sipped his drink. “Okay, if you insist” he started driving.

“I do”

When we got to John’s it took me forever to convince Joshua to stay in the car.

I got my stuff from John’s and I told him I’d visit him soon. He was upset that I was leaving so soon and hugged me a little longer then friends do.

But I hugged him back for just as long, John has done the most for me and I’m so glad to have him.

Joshua honked the horn and I made my way to the car.

Putting my things in the backseat, I could barely put on my seatbelt before he sped down the street.

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