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A Night With A Cute Guy. Episode 2

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A night with
a cute guy????

✍️Prin cess✍️

????Episode two????


She is not self conscious of what is going on…….that because I spiked the wine. I had always lusted after this girl……but now, I have gotten what I want from her!

When she is awake, she don’t remember what happened tonight!

I left abruptly, leaving her there unconscious…..


I saw lisa dancing with blake, well am not surprised cause she is beautiful.

I didn’t really pay attention to them cause I was with my boyfriend, jimmy.

I kept on dancing, but that was when it struck me that blake is alone……..without lisa.

Oh my gosh! I wonder what happened!

“excuse me”,I whispered softly to Jimmy.

I walked to where blake sat.

“where is my friend?”,I asked.

“you mean lisa?”,he asked.

“who else will I be talking about?”,I asked.

“well, she told me she wanted to rest, so I gave her the keys to my private room”,he replied and I ran there immediately….

I saw her, blood coming out of her vagina.

“wake up lisa, what have you done?”,I half yelled, shaking her vigorously.

I went to the bathroom and brought some water and sprinkled on her.

She woke up, rubbing her eyes.

She looked at me…

“Lisa what have you done?”,I half yelled, and she took a good look at her self…..

She screamed on top of her voice.

“what happened?”,she asked.

“I…..should be the one asking you that question”,I replied.

“i…..I can’t remember anything”,she replied.


“ok, first wash up yourself”,I replied.

She came out few minutes later…all clean……but she was walking weirdly…..well, that’s how she is meant to walk….she just lost her virginity.

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She sat down….

“what happened?”,I asked again.

“i don’t know”,she replied.

“what do you mean you don’t know?”,u asked and she started crying.

”this was the last way I expected to loose my virginity”,she replied.

“we need to find out what happened, think well”,I pressured.

“the last thing I remember is, you came…I lied to my mum…came to this prom…….BLAKE……he gave me wine…then……

“what next?”,I asked.

“that’s….that’s all I remember”,she replied.

Damn it!


“well, besides, we need to run a check up on you……in case you are you know….pregnant…or infected”,she replied.

“don’t say it…….I can’t be pregnant”,I said, crying.

“well….prevention first”,she replied.

I changed my dress and went back home.

“how was the reading?”,mum asked.

“it….it was good mum. Am tired. Goodnight”,I replied a and ran to my room and locked the door.

????The next day????

I went to Vera’s house and we went to the hospital together.

They ran a checkup one,I was okay, no infection.

Thank goodness!

????Two weeks later????

I started feeling dizzy, and also, am throwing up……

What is wrong with me?