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V Couple. Chapter 23

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 23

Oscar’s POV

“Please…” She pleaded and pushêd me off hé-r.

I let her go and watched her with contempt.

After spending close to thirty minutes at the toilet , she walked in with a look of guilt.

“Forgive me Oscar.” She pleaded while standing.

“You didn’t offend me.” I lied. Truth was that she really offended me and I wish I can also hurt her so bad.

She was probably f–kêd by someone else and she is saying she does not know how the pregnancy jump on her.

Why do I feel like she is full of lies?

I’m beginning to find it hard to trust her, nevertheless, I’ll fulfil my mission in this marriage before exiting.

“I knew you found out that I sealed it, I’m really sorry.” She said and I simply smirked.

“I can’t trust you any longer in this relationship, do you know that?” I asked her.

“Oscar, we need to keep to the vow that we had made in this marriage.” She said.

“Your words are so annoying, did I tell you I wouldn’t keep to the vows , you should blame yourself that went to sleep with a different man, now you are pregnant, shame on you.” I insulted her. .

“Are you saying this to me?” She asked almost crying.

Her tears do not move me, I just walked out of the room angrily.

That night, I decided not to sleep at home, I drove to the club to catch some fun for the night.

The club was really fun, I hooked up with a lady and went to a rø-om with her.

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Just as she began to p-ul-l off her clō–thes, the door creaked open and someone entered.

I was so angry, so the whoever did not know that the room is occupied already.

“Oscar!” I heard and I tried to concentrate my tipsy face on the figure at the door.

It was Jessie

“Are you about sleeping with another woman?”She asked.

I was tipsy and speaking was really heavy in my mouth, I just want to f–k

” You are just a lier, you pray a lot but your life is disgusting, get out.” I said to Jessie and signaled for the lady to come over to me.

The lady walked gallantly to me and sat on my l@ps.

Jessie stood still watching us.

“Please get out woman.” I commanded but what she started doing shocked me.