October 24, 2021

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My V Bride. Chapter 39

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 39

Sonia’s POV

The door revealed Fred and the woman sitting side by side on the bed. The woman had not pull off her clothes neither has Fred.

“You lazy man, you cheated on my daughter.” My mom said, holding the pestle like she will hit Fred’s head with it.

I was scared but couldn’t talk.

I could see a look of fear on Fred, especially the pregnant lady.

“How dare you? Don’t you know the family you have married to?” My mom questioned Fred.

“Oh! It has gotten to this? Holding pestle to beat me or to kill me? Now I see why your husband left you a long time ago.” Fred said and my mom dropped the pestle.

She adjusted back and said; “You think the pestle in my hand is to beat you, come here and fight me.”


There was a look of surprise on Fred’s face.

My mom went to him and dragged him forcefully up.

My mom stood in a fighting position, her fist had been clenched.

“It doesn’t make any sense to fight with my mother in law.” Fred said, very unwilling to even raise a hand not to talk of fighting.

“You think it’s a joke right?” My mom went to him and gave him a resounding blow on his nose.

Fred staggered back and blood spill from his nose.

My mom bounced like a boxer, still clenching her first.

“You lazy bastard, you cheated on my daughter and still have the ordersity to insult me, fight me you lazy man.” My mom dared and Fred spilled.

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He was angry but trying to control it.

“How can I fight with a woman, an old senseless woman for that matter, who doesn’t want happiness for her children. What sort of mother warns her own children not to make love in marriage….” Fred said and before he could say another word, two blows from my mom landed on his face.

Fred staggered back.

I knew better not to say a word, I have seen my mom beat the hêll out of my dad in the past , though that wasn’t the reason why he left her.

“Sonia, I’m sorry but I will have to fight your psycho møm.” Fred said but I remained mute.

I wanted to tell him to run away cause my mom Is psycho for real and an outstanding boxer in her youth days.

I fear that she will beat Fred hands down.

What type of family is this ????