September 26, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 62

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 62

Rose’s POV

The door to our room broke open and just like Ethan had said, it was Brandon.

“What’s up man?” Ethan asked, sitting majestically on the bed.

Brandon just stood, surpisied at Ethan’s word.

“I came for Rose.” He said.

“I know bro, but she’s my wife.” Ethan said and darted his face to the computer.

“You see this table here, it’s a code number for all workers.” Ethan said to me, referring to the spreadsheet on his laptop.

“Did you think I came here to joke?”Brandon asked and walked towards the bëd.

His eyes were rigid and stiff.

I was scared that I held unto Ethan tightly.

” See bro, I was just planning to make love with my wife and here you are disturbing us, I was told Sonia is your girlfriend, why not go to her.” Ethan said and pressed more keys on his keyboard.

“Oh! you have really found out more about me. You can do anything to her, I don’t care, don’t use that one to threaten me.” Brandon said and stretched his hand to touch me but Ethan held it.

“Wait bro, be calming down. I have something to show you.” Ethan said and Brandon took few steps away from the bed.

“If you are thinking of bringing out a gun, I fear that bloods will spill here.” He said.

Hope Ethan is not trying to bring out a gun? I was getting frightened.

“No no! ….I don’t kill.” Ethan said with a smile.

He was now on his desk, he brought out his Ipad and after pressing some stuffs there, he placed it on the desk and adjusted back.

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“Let’s all watch these.” Ethan said and we all watched it

I saw a woman been tied to the chair with her hands backward, her mouth covered. she was struggling to let loose but she seems to be in an helpless place.

Brandon took a closer look and yelled: “What! my mom?”

“Yea, your mom.” Ethan replied and smiled.

He walked to the IPAD AND turned it off.

“I was informed about how much you love her and how you wouldn’t want anyone to hurt her, well, she’s now in my custody.” Ethan said.

Ethan didn’t even tell me about it. My days!

“You kidnapped my mom? What did you want?” He asked.

Ethan went to carry his wooden chair and place it before him.

“Sit bro, let’s talk.” Ethan said.

Ethan is crazy ????