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My V Husband. Chapter 63

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 63

Rose’s POV

Brandon hesitated before sitting.

Ethan looked at me and smiled. “I told you not to worry.”

I nodded, I was actually nervous cause I don’t know If Brandon is armed.

“What did you want?” Brandon asked again.

“You need to stop coming after my wife, Rose is my wife not my girlfriend, don’t you get?” Ethan asked.

“I love her and I’ll make love with her so she can be happy. It’s what you can not do.” Brandon said and Ethan grinned.

“Don’t be silly Brandon, I need your words.” Ethan said.

“You must be crazy.” Brandon said, and as he tries to stand, Ethan quickly marched something on the floor.

It triggered some ropes to tie Brandon to the chair.

I was shocked.

So, him telling Brandon to sit was a set up.

“What!” Brandon exclaimed.

“Don’t be surprise, my brother.” Ethan said.

Brandon looked at himself, he had being fully tied to the chair that he could not move a finger.

Ethan stood and searched him.

“He’s not even with a gun…you must really think I’m so weak for you to come unarmed to take my wife.” Ethan said and smiled.

“I, Ethan Anderson, I dealt with Sonia when she came to tempt me, I dealt with Mae Josephine when she dared me, she’s currently on fast where she is, who are you that I can not deal with?.”

Ethan carried Brandon and the chair to the living room. He must be strong for him to carry them both.

“What are we going to do him Ethan?” I asked.

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Ethan sighed and said; “He’s going to spend seven days with us…sorry, with our dogs.”

Ethan carried Brandon with the chair again and then to where we house our dog, he placed Brandon amidst them.

“Jumboó, here is your friend, he’s a dó-g too, so play with him.” Ethan said to one our dogs, he’s the biggest of all the dogs we had.

The dog began to lick Brandon as he wagged his tail. He’s obviously welcoming Brandon to their midst.

Ethan stood. “Dóg Brandon, have fun with your friends. From now on, you will now eat the food our dogs eat.”

As Ethan turned, Brandon called , saying; “Are you going to live me here? with your dōgs?”

Ethan giggled. Instead of replying him, Ethan held my face and kissed me deeply.

It was a passionate kiss.

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