March 22, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 26

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 26

Fred’s POV

“Why not let me check if you are flowered or not?” I asked.

“If that’s what you want , my Lord.” She said and I stood.

I made her l—-åy to the bare tiled floor and sêp@rated her l——åpS.

She was on a gó—–Wn so I just pu–shed it off and pu—lled her p@——–nt øff.

I could now see her bare ‘thing’

It smell nice and I love the look, instead of examining it like we had agreed, I took my face there and buried it there.

My lips were working harder on her ‘thing’ while she mó—@n–êd verociously.

I li——cKêd the hell out of it and she was ën-jōying it. She was crazily wê—-t.

I took my eyes off and looked into her face, she was soft and cool like the first day we met in church.

She would have been a perfect wife for whoever loves her but her decision not to make love in marriage makes her strange before everyone.

I’d always wonder what fueled that decision.

“Have you checked if I’m flowerd?” She asked.

“How can I check with my tongue, let me check now.” I said and placed my fi–ngë-R there.

I rü–Bbëd the surface gently and tried to dï–p my hand in but there seems to be some blockage.

I wasn’t really expecting such blockage.

I went inside one of the rooms and came back with a torch. She was still lã—yïNg.

I checked and saw something like a soft stuff at the entrance of her ‘thing’

Is she still flowered?

How did she get pregnant then? Or is this another trick cause she is so full of tricks.

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I checked vigorously for minutes but still couldn’t find out how she was still flowered.

“Have you checked?” She asked.

“Yea!” I replied.

“So…am I?” She asked

“Seems so.” I answered and helped her sit upright.

“Since you really want to stay flowered in marriage, why then did you get married, who is your role model?” I asked.

“Let me answer your questions from the later, firstly, my grandfather is my role model….bless him wherever he is, Mr Ethan Anderson.” She said.

She continued; “I believe marriage is not all about giving birth, marriage is companionship, I needed one and that was why I got married.” She answered.

Wait! Am I the only one that heard the name of her grandfather? ????