December 1, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 27

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My V Couple.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 27

-Following Day-

Oscar’s POV

I was dressed in a blue black suit, I adjusted my tie as I stood before the tall mirror.

“I’m done.” Jessica said and I turned to her.

She was looking corporate and beautiful too.

I gazed at her from head to toe and smiled. “You look great.”

She blushed.

I’m going to work today to tender my resignation letter so I can be laid off with honour.

“Oscar, you wouldn’t change your mind?” She asked.

“No.” I replied and walked out.

She followed.

We got outside, stepped inside the car and I drove us to work.

On arriving at the company, we both stepped down elegantly.

She walked inside her office while I waited at some seats that was close to the senior boss’s office.

About fifteen minutes later, fhe boss approached with a woman.

“Oscar, few minutes please, I will attend to you.” He said and I nodded.

After walking in with the woman, I waited for another six minutes before he sent the same woman to notify me enter.

“Good morning sir.” I greeted and he gestured for me to sit to which I obliged.

I tendered the resignation letter and he collected it, he examined it and as he made an attempt to sign it, he paused all of a sudden.

“It’s non-professional to ask you this but why do you want to resign?” He asked.

“I lost interest in the job sir.” I answered.

“Did you get a new job somewhere else?”

“No, I’ll be doing some online works, I believe I’ll be fine.” I said assuringly.

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“If your salary is increased by 40%, are you going to stay?”

Huh? 40%

My days! that would be a huge one.

I feel ashamed and didn’t know how to tell him that I will be cool with the offer.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Oh! Well, we can’t increase your salary by 40% for nothing, you will need to work for four more months and I’ll consider. Depends on how hardworking you are?” He said

4 months is not bad!

“Alright sir, agreed.” I said and he tender the resignation letter before me.

“Resume tomorrow.” He said.

“Thanks.” I apprecaited and stood.

As I turned to walk away, he called; “Mr Oscar!”

I turned back to him. “Do you know why I want you to work here?”

“Not all sir.”

“To monitor your wife, she’s seeing someone else.”