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My V Husband. Chapter 64

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My V Husband

Chapter 64

Rose’s POV

Ethan disengaged from the hug and asked; “What would you say about the kiss?”

I blushed and answered saying; “sweet like chocolate.”

“We kept facing many challenge in our marriage and we are overcoming, I’m glad.” Ethan said and held me by my wrist as we walked inside.

As we got inside, I said; “Ethan, how about Brandon’s mother, are we going to leave her there to suffer?” I asked.

I was soft at heart for the innocent woman that knows nothing abiut the evil her son is doing.

“Aren’t you also concerned about the Mae Josephine that had been in the room for two days now.” He said.

“No, I don’t care about her, she deserves it but this woman knows nothing about it. ”

“Well, she’s the only leverage we have, I’ll send an order that she should be treated with love, respect and care. Are we even now?” He asked and I nodded.

“Let’s go inside now!” He said referring to our room.

“To make love right?” I asked and he nodded.

Mae Josephine’s POV

It’s been two days that I had been inside the room and all my effort to get out had been futile, I had screamed and done any crazy things anyone could think of but no one seems to be notice.

I’m an ulcer patient and I haven’t eaten for two straight days, ny stomach hurts so bad.

I lay to the bed helplessly and weakly.

I suddenly heard a knock on the door, I quickly stood and stayed behind the door.

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I knocked since I didn’t have the key to open from inside.

The person knocked again and I knocked to signal to the person that someone was inside.

Everything went quiet for a while, when I was getting tired and going back to sit, I heard some cracks by the knob of the door.

The door opened and I saw Mr James ; my s—x partner and one of the board director that had helped me fake a meeting to make Ethan come to the hotel.

“Mae!”He was shocked. ” Have you been locked up inside for two days?”

“Yes.” I replied faintly and fainted.

Rose’s POV

I helped Ethan püll his clø—-thes óf–f, he had promised that he would make love with me and I’m eagerly ready for it.

I was already available for it and with the look of things, he might actually make love with me

My mood changed when I heard the sirens of the police around the house.