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My V Husband. Chapter 65

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 65

Rose’s POV

“Ethan! did you hear that?” I asked.

He stood and dressed properly.

“Something is wrong.” Ethan said and we both walked to the living room.

He opened the door and we met two officers standing at the entrance

“You are under arrest, Mr. Ethan.” The female cop said and Ethan was handcuffed and led to their car.

He was taken away.

Since they do not attend to people at night, I went inside to sleep.

I was worried and can not wait to find out why he was arrested.

He has not committed any crime.


I woke up the following morning and dressed well, I was to visit the police station that Ethan was detained in.

I walked to where we house our dog and I saw Brandon still tied, he was now rough and smelly.

“Rose, my love.” He said and I shook my head pathetically at him.

“Even at this stage, you still think of me as your love, you are such a shameless man. ” I insulted him and he just smiled.

“Indeed! I can be shameless for you. Is it a crime to fall in love?” He asked.

Before I could speak, he quickly added; “It’s my first time falling in love, pardon me if I’m irrational but I truly love you, I will take care of you. I’ll treat you like a queen.” He said.

“I guess Ethan will have to give you more punishment so you can restrain from your silly act towards me. What actually came upon you that made you proposed to me in public?” I asked.

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“The Love I have for you is driving me crazy and talking of Ethan, unless he kills me, I do not see myself refraining from having you. I will do anything to get you. You belong to me Rose.” He said and I hissed.

As I walked away, he asked; “I heard the sirens of police here yesterday, what’s the matter? ”

“For now, I see you as a dog that deserves to know nothing.” I walked away from him and drove to the station.

As I walked in, I saw Mae Josephine speaking with a police officer.

It was my first time seeing her but I recognized her cause Sonia had shown me her picture.

But…how did she get out of the room that Ethan locked her up in? I was confused as I walked to the table of the senior officer.

I described myself to the officer and hurriedly asked why Ethan was detained.

“Well, he locked up Mae Josephine at Besanany Hotel, you should be glad Miss Mae is fine now, Miss Mae is suing your husband to court, the court case is taking place tomorrow, you should be there.”

“If my husband lost the case, what would be his fate?” I asked the officer.

“Something worse, but left to the judge to decide.”