December 3, 2022

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V Couple. Chapter 28

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 28

Oscar’s POV

“Did you say Jessie is having an affairs with another man?” I asked the boss to be sure I understood what he meant.

“If you commence working, you will see for yourself…you can leave now, be punctual tomorrow.” The boss said and I walked out without saying another word.

On getting outside, I walked with a heavy heart to my car and leaned on the staring.

If Jessie is seeing someone else at the office, why will she want me to come and work here.

What the boss said resonates with the pregnancy that she had.

What stuns and bewilders me was that I checked by myself and she was still flowered.

She claims to be a prayer warrior, could she be a cheat?

Well, I never loved her though but I still feel jealous.

I want to be the one to take her flower, I was inside my car for the next three hours.

When it was time for the workers break, I saw Jessie walked out of the company with a male figure.

On checking well, it was the boss.

The boss and Jessica?

Is he referring to himself when he said Jessie was seeing someone else or what?

Where could they be going? Cause I do not want to believe that they are going to take lunch.

The boss and Jessie entered the car and drove out, I followed suit, I made sure I was three cars away from their car so they would not suspect that I was following them.

To my greatest shock, they drive inside an hotel, I followed suit.

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What in the world is going on?

An I mistaken?

Maybe this is not Jessie after all, I watched as they both stepped out of the car and waddled inside the hotel.

I confirmed it was the boss and Jessie.

This man is a bit old, he has his own wife and children, the last thing he would do is to sleep with a worker.

He loves to be respected and wouldn’t stop so low to sleep with any of his workers.

I quickly brought my phone and began to snap them as they walked.

I couldn’t understand what was going on, I couldn’t even place any logical reason.

I guess my only option left is to confront them.

Both of them had entered the hotel, are they going to lodge to a room?

To do what?

I approached the hotel to confront them.