December 4, 2022

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My V Bride. Chapter 42

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 42

Fred’s POV

Sonia had refused to sign the divorce letter that I had presented to her, so we are in court today.

Sonia sat with her mom at the second roll of the seats in the court room while I sat two chairs away from the lawyer representing me

The judge was sitted and after everything was set, the secretary to the judge began the usual sayings.

We were called out to swear to confess the truth and the truth only.

“My client here, Fred Jackson had decided to end his three months old marrige and his reasons are genuine. firstly, his wife had refused him from making love with him since the first day of marriage, secondly, his wife’s mother beat him till he fainted. According to him, he had never experienced joy in that marriage and before he gets killed, he’s filing for divorce. My Lord, I’d like you to judge objectively, thanks.” My lawyer said and sat.

Sonia’s lawyer then stood; “My Lord, My client, Sonia Anderson thinks this marriage should not be dissolved, reasons are; firstly, Mr Fred had been living on her money on their three months old marriage as Mr Fred Jackson is too lazy to work, if at all this marriage will be dissolved, he should pay all the money that his wife; Sonia Anderson had expended on him. secondly, my Lord , talking about ths issues of making love, according to my client, her decisions were not permanent , they were just for a short period of time but because Fred Jackson do not know more than making love, he simply wants a divorce so he can become a nuisance making love with just anyone on the street. My Lord, please do understand that if this marriage is dissolved, it could be a harm to our society, as Mr Fred Jackson who thinks marriage is all about making love and can go to the extent of filing for divorce because his wife do not allow him to make love in just the first three months marriage, he might go out there and start making love with innocent girls, my Lord, his requestt should not be granted.” Sonia’s lawyer said.

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To me, Sonia’s lawyer is only uttering nonsense.

“Having heard from both sides, this is my judgement; Mr Fred Jackson! leaving the marriage because your wife does not make love with you makes no sense, leaving because your mother in law beats you is considerate. You can easily walk of out this marriage after you have paid all the money that your wife; Sonia Anderson has expended on you.” The lawyer declared.