October 5, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 66

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 66

Rose’s POV

Hurray! Ethan won the court case flawlessly. I was so glad that after his release, I went to hug him before everyone.

I could see a look of disappointment on the face of Mae Josephine.

I drove Ethan home.

“Sorry for all that had happened.” I said to Ethan.

“We should always prepare for the bad side of life too. I’m not really surprise. If I had known she’s an ulcer patient, I would have given her a different punishment. I’ll have to speak to dad to enforce her transfer….she irritates me more now.” Ethan said.

“Yeah, that will be good.”

“Did you check on our dog before leaving the house this morning?” He asked.

“You mean the new one we brought home few days ago?” I asked.

“Yea, the one we have his mother in my custoday?” He said.

I chuckled. “He’s still there.”

“Better let’s check to confirm if he’s not ulcer patient too.” We both laughed as we walked to where Brandon was tied.

On getting there, we saw him tied.

“My dog.” Ethan mocked while Brandon looked at him weakly but one could tell he was angry.

He was like an hungry lion.

A car drove inside the compound and Ethan said; “Go and check who it is.”

I obliged and came back to him; ” its Jack, can he come or I should tell him to go to the living room?”

“Let him come and see our new dog, he’s part of us.” Ethan said and I went to deliver the message to Jack.

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Jack and I walked to where Ethan was.

He seems surprised to see Brandon.

“Really? you didn’t tell me you have this silly man in your custoday already?” Jack accused.

“I shouldn’t bother you concerning all my affairs, I’m sorry.” Ethan said with a smile.

“It’s quiet incredible.” Jack said.

“What if I tell you that his mother is in my custody?” Ethan said and Jack expressed shock.

“His mother too? you are so clever man.” Jack said and laughed

“Bring my IPAD for me, it’s on my desk.” Ethan ordered and I obliged.

I gave him the IPAD

He pressed some things and showed the video of Brandon’s mother tied to a chair.

I was expecting Brandon to start scoffing at Brandon but his face turned sour.

“She’s my mother!” Jack said to our greatest surprise.