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V Couple. Chapter 29

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 29

Oscar’s POV

As I got inside the hotel, I already saw the boss and Jessis moving upstairs. Have they booked a room already?

As I followed upstairs, one of the hotel attendant called on me; “Sir…you can’t just go upstairs.”

I paused and watched them dissapear, I went to the attendant and asked; “Did they book a room?”

We don’t disclose details of our client, if there is any problem, you may phone either of them.

“Do they even book a room? I mean….they just enter and started going upstairs…it’s barely a minute.” I was confused.

“Our VIPS don’t need to book a room, they already have a reserved room that they had booked for a year. All they have to do when they walk in is to show their specially designed ID cards.” The lady explained.

“So….they are VIPS…that lady is my wife.” I said.

” I can’t help you?” The lady said and concentrated on something else.

I really didn’t have much money with me, I could have booked a room so I can search what rooms they were.

I walked out, to my car and drove home.

Few hours later, I knew Jessie had arrived, I heard the sound of her car

I remained at the study room that I had sat, I had been thinking all this while about what could be going on between the boss and Jessie.

“Oscar! Baby! sweet heart!” She called out to me repeatedly but I kept mute.

I was angry, I knew if I see her, I would yell or do something stupid so I just remained where I was.

Her head peeped through the room I was.

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She walked in.

“Oscar! why aren’t you answering me?..I had been calling your name? The boss said you changed your mind?” She asked and I simply smirked.

“Did you go out with the boss in break?” I asked and her face dropped.

“You saw us?” She asked.

“Answer my questions, please?” I asked.

“Oh! Well…we went to an hotel.”

“Okay, my wife went to an hotel with another man, to do what?” I asked.

“It’s a business treat, there is nothing personal between us. The hotel had a space the company bought where any worker could always go to to eat. ”

“Are you telling me you went to the hotel to eat? what happened to the restaurants around?” I asked.

“Do you want to hear the truth?” She asked and I nodded.

“He makes love with me.”