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V Couple. Chapter 30

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapterr 30

Oscar’s POV

“What did you just say?” I asked shockingly.

“I haven’t even said anything.” she answered.

I then realized that my mind played a fast one on me, she hasn’t said anything but I felt like she said something.

It was what I had been thinking.

I swallowed and looked away shamefully.

“The foods are free, why should I go and spend money on food when part of my salary was what used to purchase a space in that hotel.” Her words were now beginning to make sense.

“Must you go with him?”

“He’s more like a father, the man is a man of honor, going out with him shouldn’t bother you. ” Jessie said.


“So you will be going to work with me tomorrow?” She asked enthusiastically.

I simply nodded.


At Night!

Jessie woke me up, when we were about to sleep, I did not even bother to make any tempt to make love with her cause I knew she will definitely object

I struggled to open my puffy eyes and wondered what she had woke me for.

“Let’s pray.” She said and my face became clear at once

“Pray!” I repeated like I did not understand what the word meant.

“Yes…I believe our marriage needs prayer. Did you know what they say; that couples that pray together stays together ”

I grinned dryly and say upright.

“We are going to work in the morning and you want us to pray at night? ”

“Prayer is important baby, don’t be spiritually lazy.” She said as she held my two hands.

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“Father…we thank you…” Her eyes were closed as she began to pray

My eyes were on her b—st, they were tempting my dear eyes

“Say Amen.” She said as she slightly opened her eyes to find out wy I had not been saying ‘Amen’.

I realized then that I had not been saying ‘Amen’ cause my mind was not even there.

“Amen.” I quickly said and she closed her eyes and continued praying.

I removed my hand from her grip gently and quickly rubbed my face so she had think I wanted to scrub a place that was itching me.

I placed that hand on her b—st.

She was stunned.

“Baby! what’s that?” She asked in the middle of our prayer.

“Keep praying, I prefer touching this than holding your hand.”