February 4, 2023

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My V Bride. Chapter 45

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 45

(The revelation)

Albert’s POV

I sat before she could even tell me too.

She walked to where I had sat; the living room. She sat before me.

“I’m all ears?” She said inquisitively.

“Well, Fred is with us…in our house right now and I must tell you that he loves you.” I said and waited for her reaction.

“I love him too. Are you certain he is with you?” She asked.

“You mean he didn’t tell you where he went?”

“We haven’t been in flawless communication with each other ever since my mom beat him. He said he loathed my family and does not want anything to do with my family anymore.”

“Is your mother a psycho?” I asked, maybe I’m not polite enough but there is no better way to ask.

“Mom had never visited the psychiatrist, though. She’s mentally okay, she just loathes it when her children are been cheated. She was able to defeat Fred cause she was a boxer in her youth days.” She explained.

“Okay….Fred said , it was your mom that ordered you not to make love in your own marriage , is that true?” I asked.

“It is. ” Her reply was brief.

“How about making your personal decision, will your mom know?” I asked.

“She will know when I get pregnant.” She answered.

I smirked. “Do you plan on remaining a v@g-ïn for the rest of your life?” I questioned.

“Maybe till mom dies.”

“Tell me why you are so scared of your mom, does she have some sort of spiritual powers or what?” I asked.

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“Her parents are Indïan, yes, she’s a spiritualist.” She answered.

“Oh! I see…did you tell this to
Fred?” I asked.

“How do I tell my own husband that my mother’s father is Indian and that they are spiritualist?”She asked.

” I do not believe anything spiritual, I do not even beleieve that there are spirits, ignore your mom and do what your husband want, or is there something else you are not telling me?” I asked

“There is. In my mother’s lineage, all of them are v@–gï–n, those that had dared to make make love always have stroke and die.”

I laughed; “You said lieange, how them were they giving birth?” I asked.

“They had their ways. My brother and I are scared to make love because the three children of my mother’s sister that made love on the first night of their marriage had stroke and die in three weeks.” Sonia confessed.