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My V Husband. Chapter 68

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 68

Rose’s POV

I drove the car while Ethan sat at the seat beside the drivers seat.

We had left Jack behind.

“Ethan, Jack is your best friend, don’t you think we are too harsh?” I asked as I drive.

“I feel for Jack but if I let that man go, he will keep coming for you…Jack do not have much control over what Brandon can do.” Ethan said and I simply sighed.

I didn’t want to prolong the conversation so I won’t lose concentration, driving.

After we had arrived home, we stepped down and a car drove in with full speed.

I was really scared that I had to hide behind Ethan who stands indifferent.

The car came to an halt and Jack stepped out.

His face was cool, he walked to us and said; “Let’s talk Ethan.”

The three of us walked inside.

“Rose, tell Ethan that he can’t keep Brandon for life, firstly, it’s not legal. The cops must not find out.” Jack said.

What Jack said was true. The cops must not find out.

“Ethan, I think you should listen to Jack and let Brandon go, I think he would stop coming after me now that he knows what you can do. He had probably thought you were weak but now that he has seen how strong you are, I’m sure he would stay far away plus Jack would talk to him too.” I said to Ethan.

We all waited for Ethan to speak.

There was an horrble moment of silence, his unwillingness to speak made Jack and I looked foolish.

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“I have a plan of releasing him at the right time.” Ethan finally spoke.

“We are talking about my brother here, Ethan. If Brandon were your brother, are you going to watch him been tortured, please let Brandon and my mother go.” Jack pleaded and Ethan turned to me

“Please.” I said and Ethan stood.

He walked out while we followed.

We went to where Brandon was held captive.

Brandon looked at all of us as we walked in.

“What is the matter?” Brandon asked.

“Brandon, I’m your brother.” Jack said.

“I’m the only son of my mother, I don’t know you.” Brandon said to Jack.

“Mom confirmed it, mom will tell you more when we meet her, Ethan would be releasing her.” Jack said and Brandon kept mute.

Ethan released Brandon and said; “Brandon, stay away from my wife.”

“Have you released my mom?” Brandon asked Ethan ignoring his question.

“He will.” Jack said and dragged him out.

As he was being dragged out, he whispered into my ear , saying: “My Love.”