February 4, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 69

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 69

Rose’s POV


Ethan was on the bê–d, resting. His eyes were closed and its hard to tell if he was sleeping or not.

Nevertheless, I did not want to disturb him. He came back from court hours ago and we immediately went into Brandon’s case.

He really needs rest.

I sat on the bë–d bëside him looking at him. My Love for Ethan grows everyday.

“Come here Rose!” He said and I lã–id beside him.

I made me rê-st my head on his haï–ry chest.

I feel comfortable around him.

“Ethan, do you think a day would come when you had ever kïss me, so well?”I asked.

” No, I had always thought that marriage is not for me, I had thought that my marriage would not last long seeing how poor I was in rómamce.” He said.

“Did someone made you háte romance when you were young?” I asked as I played with the the strānds of háir on his chest.

“Hum!… Well, I think it was mom. As we grow up, mom would call my sister and I together often and tell us horrible things about romance and why we need to stay away from it. According to her, people who rømance had mental problem and it affects their everyday life. My sister and I are extremely brilliant, she had said we would continue to be brilliant and become great in life if we stay away from rómance.”
“According to her, she said people who are brilliant are great in life do not like rómance and she gave us examples.” Ethan said.

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“Your mom is really wiërd.” I said.

“Maybe, but I love her with passion. No one has ever cheated my sister and I go scot free, never! my mom would always fight us. If there is something she hate most, it’s for us to be cheated.” Ethan said and I planted my lips on his all of a sudden.

We kissed.

I clï–mbê-d him fülly and said; “I want to do something on you, stay cool, alright?”

He hummed and nodded.

I unzï—pp–ëD his trø-üz-ér and brøü–ght øut his man-Hóø—d.

As I hêld it in my hand, I felt his eye on me. His facial expression was that of shock and astonishment.

I smiled and swã-ll-øwed his man-Hóø—d in my mó-uth.