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V Couple. Chapter 32

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V Couple.

Chapter 32

Oscar’s POV

I was ashamed to confess to Jessie what was happening to me. I just shook my head in response to her words.

She rù–bbèd my chest gently and said; “now that I wanted you to, you are not willing. ”

I couldn’t respond, I was wondering if something was wrong with me.

It’s very shameful when a man is incapable to make his wøman fé-él like a human.

“Baby! are you still angry with me?” She questioned.

“At all…I need to sleep.” I said and turned away from her.

I thought for many hours after which I slept off.

Following day!

I was the one that drove, Jessie and I were on our way to the company we both worked.

The boss had said Jessie is having an affair with someone, I haven’t thought that one through, I saw my boss and my wife going to the hotel , I wasn’t done thinking about that one, only for my d–k to stop responding.

So many things are happening around me lately that I can’t find any logical explanation too including how Jessie got pregnant.

We arrived at the office and my old colleagues were all glad that I had resumed work.

I walked to my department, my seat was still reserved. I sat with a heavy heart.

There is this lady that had always sedüced me when I use to work there, she was transferred away from my office for a very long time but she seems to be back.

Each office contains two worker, a male and a female.

The department that Jessie was , was upstairs, the boss also has his office there.

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There is no way I would ever be able to spy on Jessie seeing that my department is downstairs.

The chubby lady walked in and saw me, she screamed happily; “Oscar!”

She jumped to hug me and I received it.

“We had all thought you would never come back.” She said.

“Well, here I am.” I said as I threw my hands up to the air happily.

“Welcome me with this.” She said and wiggled he @s-s to me.

I chukcled. “Common! ”

I slapped her @s-s and went to sit.

She also went to sit.

“I thought you would quickly gó øne ró–und with me.” She said and I just laughed.

If only she knows what state I am.

“Do you think Jessie is seeing someone else?” I asked.

I knew I was too fast but that was what was on my mind.