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My V Husband. Chapter 70

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 70

Rose’s POV

“Do you like it?” I asked while hólding his má–nHø-ød.

“It’s awesome, I’d seen that a number of times in movies and wondered if I would ever do that with my wïfe someday.” Ethan said.

“Well, here you are…” I said and s-ü—-kêd it more.

I let go of his má–nHø-ød while still sïtting on him.

I plãced his má–nHø-ød at the cënter of my p—y and used it to rùbbëd the face gently.

He mó—né-ld loudly with passion.

His má–nHø-ød was standing and very strong, it was very long and would fit in inside of me.

It was my first time too and I didn’t really have much experience in it except that I had watched it in movies.

I tried to sït on his má–nHø-ød but there seems to be some bãrrier in my p—y. I knew he has to clïmb me to take away the hymë-n.

“Can you clïm-be me?” I asked.

“If it’s what you want.” He replied and I lãi-d. He clï-mbed and lãy on me. We kissed again.

I loved his lips, they were pretty soft and cool.

I held his má–nHø-ød and céntered it on my p—y.

“Push it in.” I said to him.

He closed his eye and as he make an attempt too, his phone rang.

Who the hëll would call at this sensitive time.

“Will you pick the call?” I asked him.

“Let me answer it.” He requested and I nodded.

He wënt off me and took the phone from the small wardrobe beside the bëd.

“It’s a private number!” He said as he glanced at me.

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His face darted back to his phone.

“Put it on loud speaker. ” I said and he did as I had suggested.

He then answered the call.

“Hello Ethan.” We recognize the voice immediately to be that of Brandon.

Ethan looked at my face and I felt guilty before he could even speak. I was the one that had pleaded with him to release Brandon.

“Did you know what they say of Romeo and Juliet? that they died together in love. Unless, I die …I’ll never stop coming after Rose…She’s actually meant for me, My mom is now safe and things are now in place, I’m coming for you….and please tell Sonia I love her.”