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My V Husband. Chapter 71

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 71

Rose’s POV

The phone hung up and Ethan placed the phone gently on the bed.

“Ethan…I know I….”

He interrupted and said; “No, you are not at fault. Let’s sleep.”

He seems to have lost his mood, I didn’t debate, We covered ourselves in a duvêt and slept off.


-At Mr Anderson’s Office-

Ethan’s POV

I sat inside my dad’s office, waiting for him. I was informed he went to attend to some military men.

I wonder what business subsists between him and the military, but I shouldn’t be surprised, he always takes on every opportunity that comes his way.

My dad finally walked in and said; “Son?”

“Good morning dad.” I greeted while sitting.

My dad smiled and came to sit before me.

“I was surprised when you informed me that you’d love to see me.” He said.

“Yeah… Hope you are fine?” I asked.

“Doing good son, better than staying with your witch mom.”

“Dad!” I called with a change of look. Dad and mom had since divorced and loathed themselves with passion.

“Anyways, I’d want you to do something for me.” I said.

“Okay…make your request quick. I will be leaving in the next five minutes…I need to catch a plane by 10PM.”

“Okay…I need you to please fire Mae Josephine, she’s a worker in my place or get her transferred to a far branch. The boards are obstinate and would only do what that want not what I want.” I said.

“Why should they do what you want? We are talking of a business here, they are group of intellectuals with sound mind, whatever they decide is right. File a case against Mae Josephine before them and if she’s found to be guilty of the charge, your request will be granted. I don’t do partiality in my business, you should know that.” He said.

“This is not partiality, I need you to just order them to fire the girl.” I said.

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“And If the girl was your sister, you had like her to be fired? or to be transferred to a far place? What has she done to you anyways?” He asked?

How will I tell him that the girl is sëducing me?

“Dad, I’m the executive officer of the headquarters and I should be able to dismiss worker.” I said.

“I didn’t include that as your right, since you can’t tell me what she did, I’ll be leaving.” He didn’t let me say any more word, he walked out.