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Clumsy Nurse. Episode 81-82

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Clumsy Nurse
Episode 81
Liam drove quietly.
” uhmm did the party end?
” No……yes
” ahhh ok
” uhmmm who was that boy anyway?
” well he was my very close friend, especially when I was working in the field house.. he was really
good at climbing trees.until one rich woman showed up and took him away.he’s real mum is rich
so he left our world he’s no longer a commoner . isn’t that sweet sir ?
Liam smiled and continued driving. soon we arrived home.we both walked out of the car , I bowed
and gently walked into the maids room.
he too walked into his room wordlessly. what was that all about, secondly who is Kendal to him he
really left me for her. I took off my cloths and fell on the bed.thank God the maids are still busy in
the kitchen.
clara’s pov.
wow , Chicago is fun. Mr dervantes lodged me in an expensive hotel.omg being Anna is fun. I
rolled on the bed for hours until someone knocked on my room door.I opened up aIncome was
” Rachel
“madam , Mr dervantes invited you on a date in his yacht
” ok.I will be there… I need to get dressed.
“ok, I ordered your food
she walked out and I closed the door back.
minutes later I was done bathing .I dressed up an headed out I entered my car and the driver took
me directly to Mr dervantes yach
I walked out.there he sat over a glass of wine.
” dad
” Anna welcome to my sweet heart.
I smiled
” thank you
“back to business
he turned a file to my face.it was a hospital diagram.
” dad what is……
” m.h.cs branch in Chicago.
” nice
“malcom chased you out of Chicago but he still has a branch in Chicago,what can you do Anna?
” well…..
he turned another file to face me.it was a new hospital,half competed,half painted
” what is……
” in the whole of Chicago,this is the only hospital building which has the same size as a.g.h.c. it
has been here for long ,both the size and location is perfect.
if so,then why didnt Anna buy it? Anna has beed desperately looking for a hospital,why didn’t she
buy this one?
” ok.dad
” the reason why you annastasia had not bought this hospital all this while is best known to
you..now look at this
he turned another file to my face
” this is your hospital which was locked down
” sure dad.
” you no longer have time ,I got info that the ex workers are forming a group and they want to meet
the labour union.if this happens,government might force you to pay them as well as tell you how
much to pay them. that kind of payment will affect your growth and if it gets out if hand malcom
Will use his power in government against you again.Anna find a way to get a.g.h.c back in
Chicago so u can reinstate your workers.
this was why I brought you over to this place so you can concentrate and think. you have only few
days annastasia, make sure your workers do not meet the Labour union. you will not leave
Chicago until you get yourself a plan, good luck.
” Ok dad but what did you come to resolve, maybe I can help.
” well just like a.g.h.c was locked out of Chicago, r.d has been locked out of 5 branches and I am
trying to resolve it.it is really affecting my Income
” just buy a new building
“there is no new building… it’s all occupied. the lane their government gave for hospitals has been
” oh sorry.
” Yes ..I am wondering if any of the hospital’s can get unlocked…even of its one.
“Ok…. I will also look into it.
he walked out
this is complicating . I called Anna on phone but she didn’t pick my call.
Anna this hospital was empty and still being completed when malcom removed you from Chicago
so why didn’t you buy this hospital? this is the only available hospital in Chicago’s heath lane so
why didn’t you buy this hospital ? why did you let malcom keep you out when There was an empty
hospital for sale?
now it’s no longer for sale,but why didn’t you buy it then when it was for sale, why didn’t you buy
I looked at the 3 pictures Mr dervantes gave me , m.h.c-c, a.g.h.c -c(locked out) and now this
empty new hospital. what does Mr dervantes want me to figure out, what kind of plan is he
expecting me to create…… God I can’t fall his hands.
I carried the 3 files and stood up looking carefully at it.
Mr dervantes pov.
I headed back to my suite,I have a meeting. miss Anna ,this is a very critical examination I gave
you. in those 3 papers u can find some solutions to your problems. but other than an exam this is
also a test to clear my suspicion. your approach and knowledge to solving this problem will let me
know if you are really annastasia or a masked impersonator. I know how Anna’s brain works but
the approaches I see in a.g.h.c nowadays is coming from a higher I.q. it’s very ethereal…
something happened somewhere and I am sure of that… if you are not Anna ,I really want to know
who you are.I want to know who is behind that brain… who defeated malcom so easily and
reversed a court verdict in just one day,just one day. i have feeling it is not Anna.
lia’s pov
today is a very busy day.all the maids are working hard.sir liam left early.I swept the front of the
house after I was Done sweeping the parlor.I was really sweating so I carefully tied my hair up.
I was done sweeping the main parlour when someone walked in.I turned ,oh Kendal Thompson.
well Liam is not even around. I care fully bowed and she walked past Me into the house. I followed
in.she sat down I tried walking in
” do you live with Liam ?
I returned and nodded
” yes, actually I am a maid
” but thats not what Liam told me
” I don’t like you
“I don’t want you beside my him. I know your type,cheap sluts. the same way you seduced him
into taking you out you can do more.
” No I didn’t seduce him into anything I swear.
“I still want you to go,how much do you need to stay away
“well I don’t need money
” you don’t need money you just need Liam
“that’s not what I said
“but your eye said it ,do you have romantic feelings for Liam?,is that what a maid should feel? I
said it you are a cheap slut.
I wiped my tears quickly. I don’t know why I am too weak emotionally
” sorry , I will leave.I was wrong,I will leave as you want.
” good but first ,you need to help me get comfortable.
she walked into liams room and i carried her bag.
she arrived and carefully removed her black short gown. she threw it at me
” wash it ,I need to go home with it by evening.
” ok madam.
she used a finger to draw up her designers pant. wow even her pants are designers, she was
indeed born lucky plus dating a rich guy like Liam.
she took his shirt and wore it then she buttoned up and turned to me
” don’t you understand English
“I thought there was something else
“oh sure
she removed her bra and handed to me
” please don’t steal it,its designers
I bowed
“of course madam
“go go , quickly.
I nodded and rushed out
” wait
” get me hot coffee
“yes madam.
I rushed into the kitchen. I dropped the gown and lifted the bra. how many gold stones are here?
1,2,3,4,5,6. amazing. I wish I can be like her someday. I dropped the bra and poured water into
the cup. I didn’t know when it got filled up and that was how I burnt my fingers. I hastily dropped
the kettle and the cup.omg I got hurt ,I was busy thinking about bra. I rushed off and handed her
the coffee
” thanks, now wash those
“you see ,I can’t wash…
” fast
” ok..” I nodded and walked out. I carried the cloth and went to the back yard.I deeped it into the
water. ahhh this is going to be painful.I tried washing just then liams car pulled over.he rushed
out.he didn’t see me but I saw him.he walked into the house.now I feel jealousy.be is going to
spend time with Kendal. can I handle that?
I looked into my bucket just then Liam came to me I turned in shock.
” sir
” what are you doing? ” he shouted at me
‘ nothing , I was just….
he collected my burnt hand and looked at it for a while
” what the hell are you washing when you are hurt? are you anyone’s maid?
” actually I am . I need to wash this cos Kendal wouldn’t know what to wear when she is …..” I
bent down to the bucket again and Liam took the bucket and threw the cloth away
” oppa her expensive bra……….
” don’t ever do this again
” u say
” was i understood!!!” he shouted again.
“but I am still a maid..
” was I fvcking understood lalia?
I wiped my tears. now he is shouting at me.. he didn’t even accept my likeness and he is shouting
at me… i am hurt.
” am sorry ” i said drying my tears, then I ran away. I saw Kendal leaving, she looked so angry as
she stormed into her car. I ran into the maids room and locked the door. thank God all of them left.
just now one of them walked in
” lalia
” well , the boss is calling you
I stood up and walked into his room.he wasn’t even there.I sat on the bed just then he walked out
and pulled a black polo in.he wore a black jean.is he Cold?.
he sat beside me. omg does he want to shout at me again?.I better explain myself before he starts
” lia
” sir let me explain, well I was sweeping the yard and she walked in and .. and…well forget that
part.she said i should help her wash her cloth and i agreed because she is your girlfriend so….I
was making coffee for her but I was lost looking at her bra and i got hot water on my hand and it
got burnt. also I still decided to wash the cloth so she Wont look for what to wear you know the
weather is very very very very very very ……….
” stop
” what?” I asked with my mouth open.
“stop talking lia, stop talking so you can hear my heart.
” hahahahaha , when did your heart start talking, sir you are really fu…..
” I like you.
” I like you lia
” sir?
” I accept your likeness lia , all of it.
” well, are you su…..?
” I really do, very much.
I smiled gently then he came closer with his fingers brushing under my chin. I care fully closed
my eye innocently and he came closer.omg my first kiss,am so nervous.
liams pov
oh my God , i am dead. is this the lip I wanted to taste?
she is so nervous, she didn’t only close her eye tight she also took her lip into her mouth trapped
them there. did she forget that i was suppose to kiss those lips? i looked down and she was fighting both hands against each other on her lap. oh no , this is obviously a first kiss. she
seems…….. I better stop. I gently withdrew and she opened her eye. before I could talk she held
my hands tight.
” oppa dont run away , am ready. sorry , sorry , sorry… try again ..sorry.i Wont eat my lips again
she closed her eye again and pouted her pretty pink lips , I smiled. I moved closer then I looked
at her fingers she was fighting them against each other again. I gently smiled as I watched her
take her lips into her mouth again, very slowly and not intentionally. dont worry lia , i know how to
get those yummy lips out of your mouth.
I carefully kissed her cheek for a sweet while . she relaxed her fingers and released her lips into a
short smile. then I moved from her Cheek and kissed her lips. she opened her eye wide in
shock.then closed it back , it was war before she opened up for me and when she finally did it our
tongues met, she deepened the kiss. after few minutes I unlocked .she used both hands to cover
her face then she ran out of my room.
so cute.

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lia having you as mine will be one the best things that would happen in my life. I had never been a
woman’s first of anything.
talk about kisses, this is the best kiss I ever had. it felt out if this world. it was beautiful,because it
was you.
just then she walked into my room, she wore a red long gown which was very free the breeze
moved it. it was a show back design so from her back to her lower waist was hotly visible.
she tied the rope lightly behind her neck . her chest to her cleavage was beautifully visible.
she was standing in front of me but i was speechless.
‘ sir, you need to sleep safely and not have bad dreams” she opened psalm 91 and placed it by
my pillow,I smiled.
“but you didn’t do this before?
” well I just became your girlfriend” she said smiling
“I hope you never stop being so.
” but , what about Kendall… who is she ? ” actually she Is a past tense
” but is she angry with me?
“No ,she doesn’t have the righthmy be so.
” ok, goodnight.
she smiled and tried rushing out
“hey girlfriend , rightfully you should sleep with me.
she used both hands to cover her chest I started stammering out of frustration
” no…no..that’s not what I…I mean not like that…I meant sleeping, come on normal sleeping ,no
smooching .. I swear.
she smiled and moved her hair
” really?
” yes ,trust me.
she nodded and moved closer to me She stood by my bed like a kid who didn’t know what next to
do. I moved in and tapped the bed then she carefully lay down smiling.
” good night” she said
I nodded and tried covering her she opened her eye instantly as my hand touched her.
” sir!!!!!” she shouted innocently ” oh my …..Liam you are dead.
” nooo, I just want to cover you , jeez just cover, I don’t want to touch you I swear” I opened my
hands innocently.
she nodded and closed her eye.
jeez what did I get myself into? is this punishment for too much women ? no touching in this
weather when you are so attractive I might die before we start our union
i covered her well and watched her sleep. I moved her curly hair sweetly and fell to her side on the
clara pov.
lia texted me that she is dating Liam. I am so happy… liam you are in for it. this is gonna be the
cutest couple.
playboy vs troublesome virgin lia. hahahaha liam i pity you.
Rachel walked into my room
” madam
” yes
” she agreed to meet
” good
” yes tommorow, as early as possible.
” ok.
Rachel walked out. I need to meet the owner of that new hospital.a.g.h.c cannot be locked down
from Chicago forever.I need to buy that empty hospital,I slept off .
liams pov
next morning.
I had been awake watching lia sleep , while also making some calls because am shopping for her.
this is the first time I lay in the same bed with a woman who is not my sister without s£x or
preferably romance…. gosh desires almost killed me the weather was cold. am even scared of
making advances at Lia…Shes too , I never met this mind of girl before. I watched her as she slept
facing heaven.I carefully removed her hair which covered her beautiful cleavage which was
making my morning. cutie. how can I have such a beautiful girl as mine without touching her ..
that’s painful. at least she allowed me kiss her … I will start from there. I smiled and tried kissing
her she chewed in like a kid.is she eating something,what can she be eating? i carefully opebed
her mouth with my finger abd smiled she was chewing into her tongue. cute. I gently kissed her
lips and she opened her eye. I was expecting a scream but she smiled.(thank God) and
reciprocated the kiss.
I unlocked.
” good morning sir ” she said smiling into it.
” really sir?
‘sorry , I will think of something more respectfull. e.g. my majesty?
I started laughing.she checked her time and rushed up.. she tried walking out hels her hand and
pulled her back God was faithful because she fell directly into my arms. I smiled and held her
” sir , you are touching my bre@st” she said closing her eye
I looked down , oh my God ..I didn’t even know.I smiled and still held her tight. she raised her hand
and closed the bible on my Head that was when I laughed out and let her go because she almost
stopped breathing. I looked in her face as I let her free .she wrapped her arm around her chest
and smiled shyly. I found myself smiling. what have you done to me.I smile every minute.
before I could talk She covered her eye with both hands and ran away from my room.
I fell back on my pillow smiling.
lia you are good creating desires
everytime I see you., its getting hard I wish you are less naive about intimacy ..I don’t want to look
at another woman when I have you.
I turned on my television…I still need to attend meeting.
lia pov
I got to the maids room all of them bowed.I smiled,what kind of game is this.
” madam your stuff has been moved to your room
” which room
she pointed at a pretty door and I rushed in. I don’t recognize any of my property, all this are new.
designers pant , bra , pad, everything is designers.
did he open a supermarket? i fell on the bed and laughed. all the handbags are designers. I better
bath quickly and look for some desingers to wear.
I undressed and tied a pink towel with a pink hair net. I rushed in and took quick shower.I walked
out and removed the net then I packed my long hair up.
I was about removing the towel when Liam walked in i tied it back hastily
” am going now .” he said coming close
I smiled and nodded while holding my towel tight.
he smiled
” do you like the stuffs I bought.
I nodded
” ok… goodbye
“I smiled and he walked out.gosh am so nervous, I folded my leg on the bed. Liam is going to find
me boring soon. am nervous about everything.
Rachel’s pov.
right now we are at the new hospital in chicago which clara wants to buy.
actually me and Clara snuck in.it’s really beautiful and will soon be completed. Clara walked about
quietly and touched the wall one by one.
she had been doing this for hours. she almost tested the sand. i dont understand this
investigation. after a while she walked to me
” let’s meet the owner
” I nodded.
we drove off . soon we arrived at where the woman wanted to meet. Clara went in .I hope you
trade carefully Clara, people in Chicago are monsters. but this hospital is cool.
I sat comfortably on the empty chair when clara walked out.finally its been long.
clara smiled
” madam?
” am so happy ,finally a.g.h.c will get a branch in Chicago
” madam are we buying the hospital
” yes,the bidding will start soon, we will buy it for sure.
I nodded.
” Mr dervantes said he would only let me leave when I get a plan well finally I got a plan.” she said
” so shall we meet Mr dervantes now?
” yes,let’s go to his suite
we entered the car and the driver took off.
minutes later we arrived.I sat quietly in the car and Clara walked in.
claras pov
am so happy , finally I can be with Ryan. I figured out a plan so now he would let me go home. I
knocked on the door and a little girl opened up. by little I mean my age. I looked at her from hair to
toe.she covered her jacket well.covering the bre@st and pant I already saw. I must say she is too
pretty. I almost left my mouth wide open then I remembered that Mr dervantes and Anna are too
close so if he is into women Anna must know.so Clara don’t blow your cover, dnt act surprised.this
might be a test.i told myself mentally then I smiled at the girl
” I am looking….
” he is expecting you ” she said and walked out.
I nodded and walked in. he sat on his bed.
” Anna welcome.. why are here so soon,don’t tell me you figured out a plan.
” actually I did , can you let me go home now
” whats your plan,did you get a hospital in Chicago?
” yes I did , I solved that problem
” how
” I would rather you see the results instead dad
“ok… you are free to leave
“what about you ?
” well, still resolving the issues
” ok it was nice being here dad
I stood up and walked out,soon I got into my car.
I and rachel drove off and soon we arrived at the house. Rachel helped me pack and I headed to
new York.
only 3 hours later I arrived new York.
I arrived home,I am part happy and sad. I just need to bath and go to the hospital for Ryan. I
walked into the living room and it was so quiet. I walked into the compound down to the pool
house . I opened the door and to my greatest shock i saw Ryan lying in the chair with a glass of
wine. jeez what was that I wiped my eye twice and shouted
” Ryan ?
he turned and smiled
my tears streamed down I couldn’t even hold it anymore.
” are you okay or is it your spirit?
he started laughing.
“it’s me Clara,I love you.
I rushed towards him and hugged him deeply. I held him like that for a while
” oppa am sorry i wasn’t there when you woke up
” it’s ok Clara …I understand
” I missed you.” I hugged him tightly and he kisses my lips sweetly.
he carried me up into his arms where I belong. we moved into the bedroom.
” are you okay
” I nodded
be carefully removed my cloths and I tied the towel then i walked into the shower. I smiled and he
watched Me quietly
” when did you wake?
“it’s been long but I was sedated to sleep
” why
“my dad knew that once I wake up I will want to start work so he decided to make me sleep until I
regain full health
“I smiled and nodded.then I carefully tied my hair up and still held my towel lightly .. I don’t know if
it will be shower or Jacuzzi today
I prefer shower . I smiled as I looked at Ryan who stood by the glass door
” won’t you bath?
” well…. you are still…. ummm… am shy
” well too bad ,I want to watch you bath
” wha ….. wha …… what?
” yes ,that’s what I want.
I smiled shyly and locked my hands against my chest
” well … I..” I stuttered looking up and down.
” you better start off fast, I am not leaving here soon.i smiled..I missed you so much.
I carefully untied my towel and hanged it he smiled and leaned well on the wall. I removed the
band on my hair and it fell freely below my waist. I gently turned on the shower and used both
hands to move my hair to relax backward. I enjoy the fact that he is here. I smiled at him and
turned off the water. I closed my eye and turned on the water again Ryan chuckled .s£x in shower
was the thought that me smile. I opened my eye and my water was no longer falling on me I
cleared my sight and Ryan was standing in front of Me. he held the switch of the shower which he
switched off
” should we try s£x in the shower?” he asked me
I smiled and nodded.
Ryan closed the shower glass door . he carefully placed a towel on the floor like two.
he turned on the shower and it was beautiful as water came from all sides like rain. Ryan appiled
soap all over my body in such a romantic manner I got myself dripping.
after hours of unending foreplay ryan carried me up into his arms. and penetrated deep into me.
he held me up very tight and I placed my arm around the back of his neck and wrap my legs
tight around his waist. the water fell on us sweetly.he held me up with both hands against my hip and butt. he started thrusting in and out of me. i m0aned sweetly as he thrusted hard into me. our
moment was fun from styles to styles.
later later.
I smiled and fell on the towel, I got so tired . the water fell on our w€t body I wrapped my arms
around him
” l love you Clara.. you are just perfect for me
“I love you too.
he smiled and soon we stood up from the shower and rushed into our bed room.i lay comfortably
on his chest.
” Clara
” yes
” congrats securing a.g.h.c
I smiled and kissed him sharply.
” thanks ” I replied.
” are you going to work tomorrow too?
“should i stay with you ?
“if I ask you to stay will you?
“don’t worry I Will stay
he smiled and kissed me
“yes , am totally free . uhmm I will only be occupied when they are done painting the new hospital.
” thank you.
he said holding me tight I smiled.
guess what? i am very happy.
liams POV.
it was fun at work after work .now am meeting with Danny , i can’t believe he is in town. my ex
partner in crime. he has been calling and calling. i arrived the bar
he dropped his phone.
” what’s up” I said
” yo Kendal called me
” I know , Kendals case is different.
“not only her , ellen, Keva , Lillie, Mabel, Rachel, shreya , diana , jess,…..
“stop , stop ….danny don’t list.
” you told them to never to show up at your house unannounced ?
” Yes..
“you sent them money and dumped them .. that’s rude… what kind of thank you for your service
was that?
” they won’t feel bad , they were sluts and most of them slept with richard, you, etc
” me?
” shut up , you slept with Diana
” a night stand..I swear
we both laughed.
” am just tired of them , them all.
” did you get a new doll? if she made you dump all your toys she must be ethereal in bed…. don’t
tell me its clara, i advised her to run from the play boy.
I smiled
” its clara’s sister , lia. it’s not about the bed Danny , ave not even been with her, she is still a v
Danny smiled.
” awwwn good girl fell into a bad trap.
” Danny…., am really trying to change.
am in love , I never felt this way before. I am love with who she is , her person is just so beautiful
and real. lia calms me down… I want only her so am done with the rest.
” so how did you guys meet?
” she’s my maid now… but I just signed her out as a maid.
” sweet, living together, just they way you like it………… why did you sigh now?
“copping , i cant cope its kinda difficult.. plus I don’t want her to feel like I want her that desperately
in bed but you know I am not used to waiting, plus she is so attractive and the weather… I really
wish she wasn’t so nervous, Danny help a friend … how did you finally get Celine to give in.
Danny smiled
” omg … wait I got confused , she is still a virgin and alive in your house?
” shut up am not a rapist
he laughed out.
“Liam ,.. karma Got you good.
” idiot
“am serious, maybe God wants to teach you self control….. just like he used lina to teach me.
ahhh I remember when she used to shout if I touch her br**st , she would be like ” sir Thats a sin”.
” omg are they sisters…. I didn’t even actually touch , i touched by mistake, u won’t believe she
shouted and closed the bible
we both laughed…. God I missed danny.
” don’t worry Liam its no issue .. keep buying gifts, get her a car and a nice house.. then crazy
shopping. she will give in… they are all women.
” no ,her case is worse than mother earth. I can’t even hold her… not to talk of romance my girlfriend will beat me up.
” what?
we both laughed
” you are really suffering my friend
” double time… desires are flogging me
” but i love this girl , can i meet her ?
” why do you suddenly love her?
” she is your punishment for all the heart’s you broke.
we both laughed.
” Liam pray I don’t meet lia, if I do i will give her this advice ” honey continue punishing liam, kindly
close those legs until marriage, s£x before marriage is wrong.”
I carefully threw away of his cup of wine as well as his phone and his wallet. i almost turned the
table on him , his guards stoop up thinking it was a fight.
he laughed.
” cat
” fish.

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