September 25, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 73

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My V Husband.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Chapter 73

Rose’s POV

I had heard a knock on my door and now going to open the door, Ethan had left for work and I was done eating my breakfast.

I opened the door without even peeping to see who was at the entrance

“Sonia!” I called and she lowered her head.

I can not tell if she was sad or feeling guilty cause of what had transpired between us.

“Can I come in?” She asked.

“Sure…”I stressed not understanding what she is up to.

She went to sit on the chair while I sat at the sofa beside the television.

” I’m sorry for my previous actions, I had thought you were trying to snatch Brandon from me.” She pleaded.

“You should trust me Sonia, we have been friends for years and it’s really sad to know that you did not trust me. How can I even snatch someone I did not know you were dating, secondly, I’m married and you know how much I love Ethan, common?” I rebuked her further.

“I realized my fault, Brandon confessed the truth to me himself. I was also shocked when I get to know that Brandon is a younger brother to Ethan’s best friend.” She said.

“Yeah…I was shocked too.”

“Well, my main apology has not been tendered, I offended you and before I tell you what I did, I need you to promise me that you will forgive me.” She said and I thought of what she could want to tell me but I can’t think of anything.

“I promise.” I declared.

She swallowed and began; “I told someone else something so personal about your marriage, I knew it should be a secrete between us but I betrayed you. Mae Josephine and some girls use to be an ordinary friends, I told them Ethan has never made love with you and…we placed a bet on Ethan, about if Mae would make love with him or not in fourteen days.

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I remained calm and collected.

“I’m listening.” I said.

I wasn’t angry at all.

Ethan had already said that it might be Sonia that leaked out the secrete of our marriage. I’m not as stunned as I was suppose to.

“The bet was supposed to last for fourteen days and the fourteen days is over but Mae Josephine won’t give up the bet. I had already backed out but those girls are not ready to, I made Mae Josephine took interest in Ethan,I’m really sorry.” She apologized sadly.

She wasn’t able to look at my face, she simply lowered her head.

If you were Rose, would you forgive Sonia?