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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 37

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Chapter 37

Elizabeth’s POV

“You are troublesome.” Mr Ashley Romeo declared.

“I know.” I said and held the yogurt that I had tore. “Just drink it and your wife will be happy.”

He smiled and his face turned back into his usual expression.

“Did you just smile?” I asked as I furrowed my brow. “Yeah…I saw that, you just smile. Do you like how troublesome I am?” I asked.

“Who would like such.” He answered and collected the torn yogurt from my hand.

He drank little and gave me back.

I collected it and watched him walk away.

If he had married , how would he had been coping with his wife.

Oh! No wonder how wife ran away from him.

“Game Time!” Jack yelled again and I hurriedly ran to the playing ground.

The ground was covered with a brown soft sandy soil, there were no stones at all in the sand and it wasn’t even dusty.

It looked beautiful, we were not putting on footwear.

We were on bear foot and it felt so good.

“I’ll be the one to coordinate the game.” Jack said and everyone agreed.

“I promise I won’t be partial.” Jack said as he walked amidst us.

The three families were surrounding him. I wondered whether Jack and Ethan do not have a children of their own, or they probably left them at home.

Jack began; “This is how the game would be…” He clapped and two men started to approach us from the right side of the area, they carried table and some bottles of wine with cups.

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They placed it amidst us and walked away.

“I love that.” Ethan said.

“We are just getting started.” Jack said with a smile.

“I need a lady here and a lady opposite the table.” He said and I quickly ran to Jack.

Ethan’s wife also came to the scene.

We were standing opposite each other.

Jack opened two bottles containing hãrd drinks and placed it before Ethan’s wife and I.

The bottle was quiet short but….I was still watching how the game would look like.

“Whoever empties the bottle first emerges as the winner.” Jack said and took few steps back.

“Just this small bottle? I’ll finish it in two seconds.” I said silently to myself.

“Are you ready, ladies?” Jack asked Ethan’s wife and I.

We nodded in response.

“Go!” He declared and we both began to drink.