June 30, 2022

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V Couple. Chapter 35

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 35

Oscar POV

I heard mō—@nïngs of Jessie from inside. I knew it, she is being f–!kë-d by someone.

I opened the door angrily, I only saw Jessie in the office, her partner was not in the office.

Her lã-ps were wide øpened on her table, she was holding an electric dī-l-dø. Her face held so much pleasure in it.

I stood akimbo in shock.

“Sister Jessica, what are you doing?” Before she could answer, I closed the door so someone would not barge inside.

“Erm…I can explain.” She said as she sat upright.

“Sure, it’s exactly what I want you to do.” I said.

“This!” She said referring to the dī-l-dø in her hand.

“How about it?” I asked.

“Since you couldn’t satisfy me yesterday, I decided to buy this to satïsfy myself.” she explained.

I laughed.

See someone that made me incapable to make love with her now using a dī-l-dø.

“Jessie! To be sincere, you are the most complicated being on earth, I’m capable, I was just tired yesterday.” I lied.


“Sure, you should throw that away cause we will make love this night.” I said.

“I can’t wait.” She said and I shook my head.

I walked back to my office.

I explained what I had seen to Mathie.

“It’s incredible to think Jessie is playing with a dī-l-dø, she’s one of the modest women that I respected in this company, anyway, how was the place you went?” She asked.

“Well, the doctor confirmed that I was poisoned. I’m glad it had a solution, I’ll be going there for the next two days to complete my treatment.” She said.

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“Complete it quick, I’ve missed you.” She said and I smiled.

After few hours, we were done at work, I was already packing things so I can leave the office and go home.

Mathie walked to me and rù-bbe
ëd my chest.

“I’m so hó–rñy.” She said.

“Don’t worry, we will play all you want after I’m fine.” I promised her and shë held my mã-ñh-ø-ød, it became h-ard all of a sudden and my body quackes like I was electrocuted.

“My days! It’s stánding back.” She said and covered her mouth in shøck.

I couldn’t utter a word too.

She went to close the door and hurriedly pū-lled dø-wn her trø–us-ér.