June 30, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 74

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My V Husband.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Chapter 74

Ethan’s POV

Mae Josephine stood before my desk and like a snake, she said; “Shall we?”

I smriked and replied; “Not too fast, just a night right?”

“Sure.” She replied happily and stood upright. “So when?”

“Well, I’ll send you the address of the hotel we would be meeting tonight” I said.

“I hope Mr Ethan won’t try to lock me up again.” She said with a smile.

“Not at all.” I replied and she winked at me. She walked out.


I was done at work, I had been busy that I have forgotten to phone Rose that I won’t be coming home this night.

I picked up my phone and dialed her mobile number, she picked it at the first beep.

“My wife , how has been your day?” I asked.

“If you had callen me a sweeter name, I would have felt better.” She replied.

“I’m sorry sweetheart.” I said. “I won’t be coming home this night.”

“Do you have a meeting?” She asked.

“No, I’ll explain to you when I’m back home tomorrow.” I answered her.

“Alright, take proper care of yourself.” She said.

“Thank you love.” I hung up and went to a restaurant to eat.

I checked my wrist watch and it was 4 PM.

While eating, I remembered Brandon’s threat.

Dealing with him is not the problem, the problem is he being a brother to my best friend.

At Night.

I had lodged at one of the rooms at an høtël that I had described for Mae Josephine.

Few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door, I went to the door and opened it.

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“Welcome.” I said with a faint smile and she walked in elegantly.

“This place really looked beautiful.” She said with a bright smile on her lips.

“Yeah.” I was still on my black suit, my shoes were still on my food like I was going somewhere.

“Did you say we are sleeping here for the nīght?” She asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

“But….why are you still on suit?” She questioned and I smirked.

“I didn’t notice that, you should shower while I undré-ss.” I said and she nodded slowly.

She walked to the bãthroom and began to shówer while I went head with my plan.

After everything was set, she walked out with a tōwel rã–pped around her c-hëst.

“We can start now boss.” She said and wanted to yank her tó-wel off her body.

Guess what Ethan’s plan is?