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My V Husband. Chapter 76

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 76

Rose’s POV

I was stunned when I saw Ethan placed a hot knife on Brandon’s eye.

I couldn’t move, I was scared. I had never seen Ethan that way.

“I did it for you, Brandon won’t stop coming after you.” He said and threw the knife to the floor.

He walked to me and I collapsed on his chest.
I was scared, I had never seen that sight before.

I could hear groanings of Brandon.

“I can’t see again, I can’t see again.” Brandon cried out.

“He could have made love with you, I’m glad I came this night.” Ethan said and led me to the living room.

“Don’t you think he would take revenge on you?” I asked.

“A blind man is powerless.” Ethan said and phoned Jack.

He had told him to come around.

It took twenty five minutes for Jack to come , as soon as he arrived, his face were up like he knew something was wrong.

“Jack…check the kitchen.” Ethan said and Jack walked swiftly to the kitchen

He came back few minutes later and leaned on the wall.

“You removed my brother’s eyes?” He asked, it’s clear he was in pain.

“He almost rãp-ed my wife and I knew he wouldn’t stop coming after her, I had to take the most important pã-rt of his body.” Ethan said.

“I’m so sorry for his actions but Brandon is my brother, you should have just left him , his manhø-ód has been paralyzed, he can’t hurt Rose, do you forget?” Jack asked calmly.

He was hurt but controlled his anger.

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Brandon crawled out of the kitchen.

“Brother! See what Ethan did to me, won’t you fight for me?” Brandon asked, his eyes were bleeding and dark.

“Ethan is my best friend, he did what he did to protect his wife, I might have probably done the same.” Jack replied and Brandon cried out

“I need to see again, I’m useless without a sight, I promise not to come after your wife anymore, just help me to see again.” Brandon cried out.

“His eyes will be replaced if he would be treated.” Jack said.

“I know and how much will that cost?” Ethan asked.

“$25,000…. very expensive…I can’t afford it.” Jack said.

“I will pay for it…but Brandon, you must promise me that you will never come after my wife again, my wife is my life, I love and treasure her with passion .” Ethan said.

“I swear with my life….I just want to see again.” Brandon said and cried.