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My V Husband. Chapter 77

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My V Husband

Chapter 77

Rose’s POV

Jack had transported Brandon to the hospital.

Ethan and I sat at the living room.

“I do not know why I feel scared, Brandon actually deserves more.” I said.

“It’s normal to be scared, Brandon will be fine…” Ethan said.

“So…where were you?” I asked. He had told me that he would tell me where he went to.

“Well, I had to put Mae Josephine in her place, her nü–dË is now with me. If she make any attempt of sedücing me next time, then I will be left with no choice but to relêase the nùde and it will destroy her reputation.” Ethan said.

“Great, Both Brandon and Mae Josephine should now stay away from our marriage, I’m happy you cleverly deal with them.” I said.

He smiled.

“Come over!” He said and I went to him.

“On my lãp.” He ordered and I smiled.

I sãt gëntly on his lãps and looked down shyly.

“Are you suppose to be shy when you are with your husband?”He asked and I turned to him.

I looked into his face and said; ” I’m not shy.”

It was a lie, It’s his first time calling me to sit on his lãps affectionately.

“One thing or the other had always hindered us from making love.” I lamented.

“Don’t worry, we would be together for life, we have all the time in the world.”

I nodded.

He made me stand from him and held me by my wrist, we both walked to the bedroom.

“Seems you are no longer shy again.” I said to Ethan and he smiled.

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“No…” His face turned sour all of a sudden.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Well, my sister and her husband travelled. I told her not to phone me again cause I also want to detach myself from my family. I’m beginning to see that my mom is selfish.” Ethan said.

“I did not really get what you meant, Ethan.”

“It’s December and I’ll be on leave starting from Saturday, we can travel to a different and have fun.” He said and I nodded.

He moved closer to me and remøved my clothes, my b–St was bare. He played with it and kissed the nī—-Ppl-Ê.

“You are the most precious being on earth.” He said.

“Thanks, Ethan! do you know what you can do that can make me very happy?” I asked.

“To make love with you?” He asked.

“Exactly, if possible now, there is nothing stopping us.”