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I Sold My V. Episode 26

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( His royal Excellency)


Twenty- Six

I woke up at six in the morning. I brushed my teeth washed my face and got dressed in long brown slacks and a white off the shoulder top.

I moved into the bathroom and my straight hair was no longer straight. It was pretty curly and make my collarbones pop.

I applied lotion to my body and sprayed some perfume.

I made my way downstairs and Joshua was all dressed in a blue suit with brown dress shoes.

He turned around to look at me and he shook his head. “Take it off” he said sternly.


“I don’t want to hear it take it off”

“You don’t like it?” I asked.

“Of course I do but I don’t want other people to look at you”

I looked at him sideways and reached for my black sweater that was on the back of the kitchen chair. “I’ve been dressing this way my whole life, I’m used to the stares and comments” I confessed.

“But I’m not Valentina. You’re very beautiful and you underestimate the things you can do. The power that you have”

I smiled at him and he moved closer to me. “Understand one thing, Valentina”

“What is that?”

“I will drag you out of that building if I see you laughing at one guys corny jokes” he said that like he wasn’t playing.

“Yes sir” I said and nodded.

He chuckled and walked away from me. I felt my heart drop as he walked away. I was expecting him to kiss me, I haven’t felt his lips against mine in so long. Part on me wants to believe that he’s still with that Leticia girl. And another part of me wants him to take my virginity so he can have all of me and stop being so stubborn, but I’m scared. I don’t know if I’m ready.

We headed to Maxwell Corp. and we were there within 20 minutes.

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We headed inside and Joshua introduced me to a woman named Ally.

“This is my friend, Valentina” he said. I looked down and rubbed my arm. He called me his friend. “Show her around and tell her everything she needs to know for the P.A. position that’s open” he turned to me and said. “I’ll meet you for lunch” and with that he left.

Joshua will always be cold inside.

“Wow” Ally said. I turned my attention to her. “He’s so hot” she chuckled. “But you’re so pretty!” She exclaimed.


“Thank you” I blushed.

She quickly got into telling me what being a P.A. was all about and from my understanding it was about being by your bosses side at all times. She handed me folders and flyers of papers that needed to be sorted through, signed by the boss and stashed into folders.

“So are you my boss?” I asked her.

She laughed an annoying laugh for about five seconds until she said. “No! Mr. Hawthorne is”

Mr. Hawthorne. I thought about it for a good long while, the name sounds familiar but I can’t place it with a face.

“His brother is Bradley Hawthorne” I shook my head and remained silent. “Well you’re about to meet them” she smiled. “Follow me”

I gripped the papers that were in my hand tightly and followed closely behind her. “Are you hungry, thirsty, anything” she asked as we stepped into the elevator.

“No thank you Ally I’m fine”

“Aw” she turned to look at me. “I like you” Ally is an older woman who looks like she enjoys what she does. And that would be sitting around answering phone calls all day, painting her nails on the job, and talking to her ex husband about their kids. But I shouldn’t judge her, I don’t know her. She probably takes this job very seriously.

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We exited the elevator and walked up to glass double doors, Ally knocked on one of them. “Come in” a voice boomed from the other side.
“Now before we go in, Mr. Hawthorne is not as friendly as his brother, he can be mean and cruel but every so often he has one good day” she smiled slightly.

I nodded taking all her advice and storing them into my brain. She opened the door.

“Your new P.A. sir” she said. I stood behind her and she covered me almost completely. Her brown hair tickled her shoulders and her long black dress matched her black shiny heels.

The room is white. The floor is marble and the couches are cream colored. Also it’s freezing in here.

“Thank you, Ally. You can go”

She moved from in front of me and I squinted due to the openness of the room.
I could feel my hazel eyes adjust to the light. No walls, all glass looking out onto the city. It’s a cloudy day today, pretty chilly and gloomy.

“Valentina Matrix” he said not looking up at me.

“Yes sir” I said almost in a whisper.


I moved over to the cream colored chair by his desk and accidentally slammed my butt into the chair. I looked at him embarrassingly as the chair scraped on the floor.

I’m a nervous wreck, I haven’t been this nervous since I first had to live with Joshua.

He ignored my goofy ness and asked me questions. “Why do you want to work for me?” He finally looked at me.

I do remember him. He the man at the Father’s Day event that Joshua took me too. He’s the man that Joshua doesn’t like. Maybe this is why Joshua called me a friend. He was trying to keep us secret, I can’t blame him for that.

“I… heard about an opening and I was interested in being a Personal Assistant” I said softly.

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“That wasn’t my question” He snapped back. “Why do you want to work for me?” He asked again. “What’s your motivation?”

“I have to pay the bills” I like looking straight into his eyes. I wanted to lie to him, to give him a better answer than that but he rushed me.

“I saw you earlier, when you first got here” he mentioned. “With Joshua Maxwell” I nodded because it was true. “Him and I aren’t on best terms”

“I understand”

“I don’t want to hire you and have you reporting back to him”

“Can I ask a question?” I said quickly before he started talking again.

“By all means” he sat back.

“If you two don’t like each other, why are you in the same building?”

“Gas leak at Hawthorne inc. He owed me a favor and the most I could ask for was a place to put my workers, we will be out by the end of the week” I nodded listening to him. “I would like for you to work with me”

He then said.

“Oh no…” I started. “If you and J- Mr. Maxwell have a conflict, I’d be better off out of your way” I stood up.

“Sit down!” He raised his voice. I once again unwillingly slammed my butt into the chair. “Do not walk away when I am not done talking” he scolded me like a child.

“Yes sir” I said and just stared at him.

“Would you like the job Ms. Matrix?”

I stayed silent and thought for a second. “I think I should talk to, Mr. Maxwell first”

“If you insist” he sighed. “You may leave now”

I slowly stood up and walked away from the chair. “It was nice meeting you Ms. Matrix” he had a sinister smile on his face as he said that. I can’t work for this man, he’s up to something.