May 12, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 80

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 80

Ethan’s POV

I stood stiff and couldn’t move cause of how the woman was dressed. I was not comfortable with it. Her beauty alone is tempting not to talk of her body.

I had wondered how a lady could be that beautiful, when I first saw her, I had to control myself cause I was with my wife.

“Please come closer.” She ordered, still sitting.

She must have noticed my presence.

I walked to where she stood, the room only had blue light which make some part of the room unclear.

I wasn’t scared at all, she’s just a woman, she can’t hurt me.

“Please sit down before me.” The woman said.

“You mean before the calabash?” I asked cause there is a calabash before her.

“Yes.” She answered and I sat.

“Your hands?”She requested and held my hand in hers.

Her eyes were closed as she murmured some words.

I just opened my eye still wondering if it was Allah that she was praying to or Jesus.

I can not define her religion precisely.

She let go of my hand and stood.

” Stand.” She ordered. Her eyes were closed.

I stood.

I felt so angry at myself, imagine someone ordering me like I’m some apprentice.

This is me, the auditor general of this state, if not for Rose.

She turned her back and I could see her big @ss, the @–ss was only on a p@—ñ-T. My d—-!k responded immediately and I became uneasy.

She took a step further and her @-ss bec@me more revealing.

“Don’t move from where you are until I tell you to.” She said but I didn’t reply cause I do not like whatever was going on there.

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“Cleared?” She asked.

“Yes.” I replied bluntly.

She took two steps back and her @-ss was almost touching my d—-!K

My days! What in the world is this?

What sort of prayer is tempting me this way?

Sh adjusted back a little and hêr @-Ss was now on my d—-!K.

“Maeeeeees!” She chanted and bent making her @-Ss rock my d—-!K more.

My d—-!K became very h-ãrd, as hār-d as rock.

“Maeeeeeeees!” She chanted again and took her @S-s off.

I sighed in relief and closed my eye briefly.

“Let your curse be broken.”The woman prayed and placed her right hand on my

Ha! what’s this again?