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V Couple. Chapter 44

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 44

Oscar’s POV

After I had hung up with the boss, his words made me curious. I’ve got so many questions to ask Jessie.

“You need to take your bath.” Jessie said and I nodded.

“Show me the bathroom.” I requested and she did.

I went and shower, I came out n@-kEd and looked around, wondering what next to do.

Jessie came into view and saw me, her face went straight to my dangling d—-!k

I trailed her eyes and stared at my d—!k

“What?” I asked.

“I’ll get you a towel.” She said and went to bring it, she gave it to me.

“Dry your body with this.” She said and I did.

“Why can’t I remember anything.” I screamed painfully.

Jessie adjusted back in fear.

I just loathed myself, what sort of a blank world is this?

“I want to ask you many questions.” I said.

“Sure, come and sit, I’ll answer it all.” She answered and I went to sit.

“Firstly, is there a way I can recover all my memories?” I asked.

“The Doctor said in time; the memories will come back.” She replied.

“In time? How long would that be?” I asked.

“Maybe like six months or a year.”

“So….I would be like this for a year? A whole year? Oh no!” I muttered and hit my head.

I wanted to remember stuffs but it’s just blank there.

“You said you were the one that hit me right?” I asked.

“I’m sorry.” I could read fear on her face, she probably thought I would hurt her in return.

“It wasn’t intentional.” She added.

“You must be wicked to do something so terrible to me, I just want to be healed and leave you.” I said but she didn’t say a word.

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“You said you have a lot of question to ask me?” She requested.

“Where do I use to work, who is that man that just phoned me?” I asked and she explained it all to me.

“So, we both work in the same company, I can’t even resume work now cause I do not know what to do,I’ll definitely be fired, you see what you have caused?” I accused her.

“I will provide for all your needs, I’m really sorry.” She said softly and came to sit beside me.

She sat beside me and made me face her, she kissed me.

“Forgive me, please.”She pleaded softly.