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I Sold My V. Episode 27

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( His royal Excellency)



✍️ Twenty- Seven✍️

“Valentina!” Someone called me. I turned around and saw Ally quickly making her way over to me. “Mr. Maxwell wants to meet you for lunch, come with me” I followed beside her as she started a conversation.

“How did the meeting go?” She asked.

“He’s harsh” I said honestly. “Quite rude, I don’t know if I want to work with him”

He chuckled. “Oh darling he’s nicer than Mr. Maxwell, I’ll tell you that”


“Yup” we walked through a door and there was a long table with a dozen chairs. “Although he is known for making advances in pretty girls and your pretty So that’s why he might want to be keeping you”

I nodded as she pushed me into the chair. “That’s why he keeps a lot of girls so be careful. I’m gonna go now, Mr. Maxwell should be here soon, here’s a pen and a pencil” she then to me and explained what I needed to work on and once I was done I could hand them into her and go home. Once she left I started and thirty minutes later, Mr. Maxwell walked in.

“Sorry I’m late” he said walking towards me. “I had a meeting”

“It’s fine” I looked up at him. “I was just about to hand this in to Ally” I closed the folder.
“Wow, all that work on your first day?” He sat down and tapped something on his phone. “Who were you assigned too?”

“Michael Hawthorne” I mumbled.

“Speak up” He said still looking at his phone, he must not have heard any of what I said.

“Michael Hawthorne” I said again.

He looked at me with anger in his face. “He’s in the building?”

“Yes, Ally told me he was-”

He cut me off my dialing a number on his phone. He told Ally to meet us so he could talk to her.

“Why is she working with Michael Hawthorne?!” He yelled as soon as she walked in the room. “What f****ng building did you take her to?”

“Here sir”


“Mr. Hawthorne is here. His building suffered a gas leak and you owed him a favor. They let him stay not me. And he was the only person looking for a P.A.”

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He put his hand up and she stopped talking. “Why not Bryant from Accounting?” He yelled. “He emailed me two days ago about needing a P.A.”

“I’m sorry sir, I wasn’t aware”

“Get out” He said and she quickly left.

“Mr. Maxwell it’s okay” I said. “He’s not that bad I’m sure I can-”
“What did you tell him?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you say yes to the job?” He raised his voice.

“No, I told him I needed to talk to you first”

“You’re not taking that job!” He shouted.

“I wasn’t going too” I stood up. “I came to meet you for lunch not argue with you” I grabbed my things and headed for the door, I’ll see you at home”

I shut the door and headed for Ally’s desk in the lobby. She had just got off the phone when I approached her

“I’m sorry, Ally. I didn’t know he was going to go crazy over some dumb position”
“It’s fine” she smiled. “It’s not the only time I was yelled at for doing my job. You finish that work?”

“Yes” I handed them over.

“Great! I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes you will” I smiled and walked out.

I walked down the steps of the building and I saw Nate. “Hey” I said.

“You’re finished already?”

“Yea, do you think you could take me to my mothers?”

“Of course” he opened the back door for me and I climbed in. I haven’t seen my mother in a while and she hasn’t called me. I hope everything is fine.


When we get there I knock on the door and she answers it quickly. I smile at her but she rolls her eyes and walked away.

“Hello to you to” I said as I walked in. “How’ve you been?”

“Fine, Valentina. I’m not dead yet” she spat.

Why is she being so evil? I looked around the room and the house was a mess, papers everywhere bowls of have eaten food and shoes and clothes on the floor.

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“The place looks uh…. different”

“Oh yea? Well while your living lavishly, I’m stuck doing all the chores. Did you guys have sex yet?”

“Well speed it up, okay. I need you here” she started to tidy up and I helped her.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been calling you, I’ve been busy”

“That’s okay, sweetheart. I know you’ve got things to do”

Why she changes her mood so fast will forever be a mystery to me. I stuck around to help her clean and when the place looked nice I left. It was dark out and by the time I got home I was tired and just wanted to take a shower.

It’s weird how I feel so comfortable with Joshua. I’m calling his home my home and I didn’t even get mad when he was yelling earlier. I wonder what happens when this is over. Will we continue to see each other? Will he hate me because I don’t know how to have sex? Will I have to live with my mother again?

We pull up to the house and Joshua is not home yet. I take a long hot shower throw my hair up in a bun. I put on a robe and walk into the bedroom to lotion my body.

I see a figure out of the corner of my eye and I jump from fright. It’s just Joshua.

He chuckled. “You okay?” He asked.

“You scared me” I held onto my chest.

“I’m sorry, babe” he said.

My heart dropped. What did he just say? Did he just call me babe? I smiled to myself as I put on lotion. This is a little victory to me, maybe I won him over and he wants to be with me.



I saw her smile before I walked into the bathroom. I chuckled to myself, thinking how I made her smile. I love seeing her smile, it means something to me. I think it’s time I tell her or at least try to tell her how I feel. I’m not good at emotions but with her I want to be. I want to try. She’s worth it.

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After I take my shower I quickly get dressed and make my way over to her. She’s sitting on the bed watching tv, with a tank top and some short on. I felt myself getting hard by just looking at her. I wish I didn’t have joggers on.

“Can I talk to you?” I said.

She sat up and turned the tv down.
I sat down on the bed and faced her. “I’m not good at this but I want to try with you” she looked at me confused. “Do you still have that ring I gave you?”

She nodded and reached into a bag, pulling out a little box and holding it in her hands. I took it from her and took the ring out the box. Sliding it on her ring finger I spoke, “You’re my girlfriend. I want you to wear it and whenever I do something bad just remind me of what I promised you”

The diamonds sparkled in the dim light of the room. It made her fingers look slender, it has to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

“What are you promising me?” She asked.

I ignored her question. I can’t answer that yet. Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t know. This is how I can get her to stay, to buy more time to get rid of Leticia for good.

“I do love you Valentina. I’m just not that good at showing it”

She looked at me like she was longing for something. She kissed me passionately and pushed herself into me.

“I’m ready, Joshua” she whispered in my ear. I love the way my name rolls off her Young’s. It’s so sexy, everything about her is sexy. Her pure ness, her innocence, her body.

I don’t understand why I always push her away and go back to Leticia. She’s nothing compared to Valentina.

“Are you sure?” She nodded, lust filled her eyes. “I need you to be sure because I don’t think that I’ll be able to stop once I start”


“I’m sure” she smiled.
✍️To be continued ✍️