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My V Husband. Chapter 82

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 82

Ethan’s POV

I walked out of the prayer room and waddled to the room Rose and I accommodated.

She was already sleeping when I came, I closed the door as gentle as I can so as not to disturb her but she sat upright.

As if she had been waiting for me.

“How was it?” She asked.

I closed the door and went to sit on the bed, annoyed at myself for being ordered by someone else.

All my life, I have always lead and won not the other way round.

“I did not like this place.” I said.

“But why? How was the prayer?” She asked again?

“The woman said I must not tell anyone what happened otherwise the prayers will not be answered.” I said.

“Fine, keep it then. I’m okay with it.” Rose said.

if only she knows what the woman did.

I went to pick a book and a pen and wrote; “Since the woman said I should not tell what happened, I will write it.”

I showed what I wrote to Rose and she only furrowed her brow.

“It’s still the same as telling me.”She said.

” No, it’s not the same. Telling and writing are two different things.” I said and wrote;

“The woman u&nz!pped me and took my d—–&K inside hë-r mō-uth in the name of prayer.” I showed it to Rose but she closed her eyes.

“Why are you not reading it?” I asked.

“Our coming here would be futile, the woman meant that you should keep the prayer strategy a secrete, is that too hard?” She asked and I just started thinly into her eyes.

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“Rose, it’s better you let me tell you.” I said but she won’t let me.

“Fine.” I finally agreed and placed the book somewhere.

We l–ãïd and slept off.

Day 2

It’s our second day there, and we were awoken by a knock.

I was the one that went to open the door.

“Yes?” I asked what the person at the door wanted.

“The brethren are downstairs, they are eating the supper of the morning, please join us.” The man said.

“Which one is supper of the morning again?” I wasn’t asking the man in particular, I was just stunned.

“Can I take my wife along?” I asked.

“No sir…just you. Other brethren had eaten theirs with the misstress, please come and eat yours, in few seconds you will be done.”