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My V Husband. Chapter 83

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 83

Ethan’s POV

I followed the man, he lead me to a different room this time, there were no chairs around, just stools.

The stools were in circle and there are posters of an ancient woman giving some men food.

“Welcome!” The mistress appeared from a room that leads to the room I was

She was dressed in a very big regalia, one would have thought she’s a masquerade if not for her face that was left uncovered.

“Other Brethren had eaten the supper.”She said.

” I never knew I would be eating any supper, I thought it’s just prayer.” I said.

“The supper is part of the prayer.” She said and went before an alter.

She opened a box and a cake was revealed.

She sliced the cake and picked a slice.

“Please come over.” She said.

“I don’t eat cake.” I said

I was annoyed because she wass ordering me.

I’m not used to someone ordering me.

“These are your keys to breaking the curse, obedience is better than sacrifice. Come over, Ethan.” She said.

Such disrespect, she canot even add a ‘Mr’ to my name.

Rose caused all this.

I walked to her with an annoying look.

I was now standing before the alter.

She came before me and ate the cake and said; “This is not just a cake.”

“Okay.” I was so angry on the inside that I just felt like walking away.

She continued eating the cake and I can not but wonder if the supper was not me eating, or maybe it’s me watching her eat.

After the cake remained a small bite in her hand

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“Eat this cake from my mouth.”She said and placed the tiny cake on her lips.

” Our lips will be touching.” I said knowing that, me, trying eat it might make my lips touch hers.

It looked like cheating on Rose, I hate this nonsense.

She removed the piece of cake and said; “Next time you complain, you will only let the spirit prolonge your days here, I am only trying to break the curse on you, this is a generational curse, don’t you get?” She asked.

“Eat your supper now.” She added and wanted to place the cake back in her lips.

“Was this how other brethren ate theirs?” I asked. Not knowing if other brethren had eaten for real.

I don’t even know any brethren.

“Yes.”She replied. ” Now eat.” She placed the cake on her lips.