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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 46

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 46

Elizabeth’s POV

I continued my story as they all listened keenly.

“Well, the tortoise went to meet the dog and asked what he was eating that made him keep getting fat and robust everyday, hum! Well, the dog then got angry at the tortoise, as at that time the tortoise did not have a shell that covered it’s back.

The dog beat it blue back until the shell that covers tortoise back came out. That was how tortoise had a shell.” I said and they all looked at themselves in awe.

“One more thing, ….the dog also beat the tortoise till it’s head became small, that was why tortoise has a small head today and he is always scared to bring it out.” I said and Jack and others only scoffed at me.

I didn’t turn back at Mr Ashley Romeo so I did not know what his expression was.

“What’s funny? I just told you guys a folktale, a nice one , instead If you guys to clap and appreciate me, you are mocking me. This is so unfair.” I said and pouted my lips

“Sister, you started well but the ending was not it, remember grandmother told us together, you probably forgot, let me tell it from where you started missing it.” Jack’s wife; my sister said.

I didn’t reply, she told the story well and they all clapped for her.

I was angry that she took all the glory that belongs to me, I stood up angrily and decided to walk away from them.

“Elizabeth!” Mr Ahsley Romeo called but I didn’t turn back.

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He walked swiftly behind me to catch up with me and I ran.

As I ran on the rock my leg slipped and I almost fall to the ocean

I could have fallen but Mr Ashley Romeo caught me by my hand.

My legs were already deep inside the river.

“Draw me up.” I commanded ,still angry.

“No, I will let you go.” Mr Ashley Romeo said not smiling.

“You are going to kill me right?” I asked.

“No, perform a magic. remember that in a rich man’s house anything is possible?” He asked.

“And is this your house?”I questioned.

“You are ignorant.” He said, and I angrily beat his hand.

“This is an expensive joke, draw me up already, a shark can just swallow me. ” I yelled.

“I guess I will just let it swallow you.” He said and…