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In Love With An Hijabite. Episode 39

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IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE( She is a Muslimah…. He is a playboy )

© Authoress Adesewa




It has been two weeks since my dad was bed ridden.

I’ve been saddled with the responsibility of my dad.
I’ve been attending various business summits, conferences, seminars and holding numerous meetings with the staffs.

I don’t know what I’d have done without Kiyah though.
She has been coming everyday to take care of dad. Her presence is strangely comforting to my dad.
He seem to get better whenever Kiyah is around.
Sometimes I meet Kiyah telling my dad stories just so he could forget about the pain he’s going through.
Other times she’d be praying for his quick recovery.

I didn’t realise my phone has been ringing for a while.
I checked the caller and it was Khaleed.
He has been giving me moral support over the phone and I really appreciate his care.

Hi Xavier ”

How are you doing? ”

I’m fine, how is your dad’s health?”

It’s improving. Thanks man”

You are welcome”

Khaleed, I’m thinking of proposing to your sister. I’m not doing it now but I just want you to know first”

That’s not possible. I told you she can only get married to a muslim as it’s not permissible for her to marry a non muslim”

What if I’m ready to be a muslim?”

You have to be certain you want to do this and not just because you want to marry Kiyah” he said bluntly.

I’m convinced enough. It’s not just about Kiyah”

Okay, if you say so . I’d call you back, I have something to round up here”

I placed my phone on my table and continued with my work.

I really mean what I said that I’m ready to be a muslim.

Kiyah is a great woman and I don’t wanna lose her now or ever.
She makes me feel complete and she’s the best person I ever knew after mom’s death.
Even my first girlfriend never made me feel this way.

I’m not converting just for her alone. I’m doing this for me.

A call came in disrupting my thoughts.

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Hi dude”

How is your dad’s health? ”

He’s improving, thanks man. How is France?”

It’s cool. I’m coming back to California tomorrow though”

Alright, have a safe trip. My regards to Laura”


I have a meeting with the board of directors in the next thirty minutes so I have to be fast with these files I’m handling.

I wonder how my dad manage to handle the businesses well over the years.
I’m just a business man by default so I’m just learning about some of the family business.


Owen Cooper has made my life so colourful.
I don’t know why I failed to notice him on time all the while I was busy lusting after Xavier.

Xavier has always been cold towards me and it was even a mistake that we had a one night stand.

Owen on the other hand has been nothing but a joy giver.
He supports me in everything I intend to do and makes sure I’m happy always.

” A penny for your thoughts?” Owen asked.

I’ve forgotten he’s in the room with me.
I’m at his house and I’d soon be going home.

” I was just thinking about how I had been so stupid for snubbing you in the past” I said.

” What matters most is that you are my girlfriend and I promise not to ever make you sad for the rest of my life” Owen said.

” I love you” I said honestly.

” I love you more” Owen said.

” I’m thinking of apologising to Scarlett’s friend but I know she probably hates me too much to forgive me” I said what has been bothering me since morning.
I know I haven’t been the best sister to Scarlett also but I’m planning to apologise to her when I get home.

“It’s a good thing you want to apologise.
I’d also apologise to Xavier when next I see him although he’s been absent from practice for two weeks now” Owen said.

” I heard his dad is sick so he’s currently busy taking care of his dad and managing their family businesses as well” I replied.

” Okay, it’d be better if I call him then” Owen said.

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” I need to start going home. I intend to surprise mom by making dinner today” I said.

” Alright babe. I’d call you later at night” he said giving me a deep kiss on the lips.


I just got home from the Austin’s estate.
I went there with Brayden to check on Xavier’s dad.
Kiyah, Zainab and Teemah were also there.

I dropped my bag on the bed and I stripped off my dress.
I grabbed a bathrobe from my closet and head to the bathroom to shower.

I spent almost a hour in the bathroom before I eventually came out.

A wonderful aroma was coming from the kitchen and I’m sure it’s my mom making dinner.

I went to my room to change into a baggy sweatshirt and black leggings.
I made my way to the kitchen so I can help mom make dinner.

I got into the kitchen and I met Claire there instead of mom.

When was the last time I saw her cook anything? I just hope she’s not planning to poison the food.

“Hi Scarlett” I heard someone say.

I look left and right to see the newcomer but no, it was still Claire and I alone in the kitchen.

Why is this girl behaving strangely today?
First, she is cooking and now she greets me.

” Hi Claire ” I replied finally.

I turned to leave since my help is not needed obviously.
I thought I was coming to help mom but now that I can see that Claire is the cook, she might as well finish what she starts.

” Scarlett, please can we talk?” Claire asked.
I think something is wrong with Claire because the Claire I know would never add please to her request.

“Hey imposter, where is my sister?” I asked the fake Claire in front of me.
She laughed sweetly at me but I frowned at her instead.

“You’re funny Scarlett. I know I’m not acting like the Claire you used to know but I’d tell you all about it after dinner” she said.

I went to call mom for dinner and we both went to the dinning room.
Claire has set the table and I can see she made fried pasta and chicken.

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I packed the used dishes to the kitchen and Claire also followed me.
She offered to rinse the dishes while I wash it.
I smiled faintly as I remember this was how we used to do the chores when we were kids.

“I’m sorry for everything have ever done wrong to you. I regret all the bad words I said as well” Claire said to me.

” I’m also sorry for the hateful words I said to you weeks ago” I replied.

” It was all my fault. Can you ever forgive me? ” Claire asked.

” I’ve forgiven you already. You are my sister so I can’t stay mad at you forever” I said.

She started sobbing and I quickly rinsed my hands and wiped her tears for her before we embraced each other tightly.

” Can you please give me your friend’s number? ” Claire asked.
I know she’s referring to Kiyah so I just nod in affirmation.


My mom just finished plaiting my hair for me when Zainab brought my phone for me.

I left it in my room before mom started making hair for us.
She made Teemah and Zainab’s hair before mine.

I checked caller but it was from an unknown number.
I hesitated before I pick the call.

Hello ”

Hi, please who is this?”

I’m Claire Anderson. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you. I was just jealous of you.
I understand if you can’t forgive me”

I’ve forgiven you a long time ago”

Hope we can be friends? ”

No problem. I’ve always wanted to tell you that I like your dimples though”

Awwww. Thanks dear”

goodnight. My regards to Scarlett”

Goodnight dear”

“Who was that?” mom asked as the call ended.

” That was Scarlett’s sister”

“Were you guys fighting before?” She asked.

” Not really ma. We just had a misunderstanding” I replied.

” Okay dear. Let me check on Jamal before I go to bed” she said.

I took my phone and I went to my room to tell my besties about Claire’s apology.
They were both happy to hear she is now a changed person.